10 Women Flirt Signs

Need to know the 10 Women Flirt Signs? For many men, approaching a woman can be a stressful situation. No one wants to take the chance of being rejected. However, knowing the 10 best women flirt signs will help you figure out which girls like you and which are just not that into you. With this inside knowledge, you will have more confidence in yourself and will be able to plan your actions accordingly.

  1. She Smiles – A woman who glances your way and smiles just might be in to you or she just maybe overly friendly. The key to determining if the smile is her way of flirting is how long she holds her smile while looking at you. If she casually smiles at you and then looks away, she is probably just being friendly. However, if she holds her smile while gazing at you than that may be here way of letting you know she is interested.
  2. She Looks You Over – When a woman makes it obvious that she is checking you out, that is a major sign she likes what she sees. Women know how to look a man up and down discreetly. If you notice her giving you the vertical scan–moves her gaze from your face to your feet and back up to your face–than she is openly checking you out.
  3. She Plays Up Her Lips – The mouth of a woman is a sensual and sexual body part. Woman will flirt by running their fingers over their lips, applying lip-gloss, using a straw to gently sip her drink or other methods that draw attention to her lips.
  4. She Touches Herself – When a woman is interested in you, she will stroke her neck, thigh or hair when you look at her. This is a strong sexual flirting tactic. She maybe imagining what she wants you to do to her or she is trying to get you to think of sexual thoughts about her.
  5. She Keeps Walking By You – Once a woman has decided she wants to sink her claws into you, she will try to get your attention. One way is to continuously walk by you. This tactic is to get you to notice her. She wants you to keep her in your thoughts and get your attention. She will walk more sensual and slowly as she moves by you. She may or may not incorporate a few of the other flirting methods–such as smiling or touching herself–while she walks by.
  6. She Moves Away From Her Friends – After she has your attention, she will move away from the people she is with. This is to give you the signal that she is available and approachable.
  7. She Approaches You – When a woman approaches you and engages in a conversation, she is making the first step to get to know you. It also allows her to incorporate a variety of the other flirting signals at a closer range.
  8. She Laughs A lot – Most men’s jokes are not that funny. However, when a woman giggles at the jokes that most people find lame, more than likely she is flirting. However, she could just have an odd sense of humor.
  9. She Gets Close To You – Unless she is a close talker, moving into your personal space is a sign that she wants to be near you and your body. This is a bold move on the part of a woman and typically only done when she thinks you are interested in her as well. She may also whisper into your ear when she is talking to you. This is another way for her to draw you in closer to her.
  10. She Touches You – When a woman finds a man attractive, they like to softly touch them to show their interest. Gently touching your arm, leg or thigh is like a blinking neon sign that she is really into you! If you are interested in her, let her known by placing your hand gently on the middle of her back or take the bold step to tell her you feel chemistry between the two of you.
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