10 Women Scuba Diving In Movies

These ten women scuba diving in movies scenes can create some of the most beautiful scenery in film. They became very popular in the late 80's when several suspense movies came out that were based under the ocean. When the movies involve women in the scuba diving scenes, they are even better. So, here are ten movies with women scuba diving.

  1. "Into the Blue" Jessica Alba is diving in the Bahama's with friends when they find a shipwreck that is rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold. They also find a plane with illegal cargo to add a twist to the film.
  2. "Fool's Gold" Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are treasure hunters who are in debt and  whose marriage is on the rocks. A clue leading them to a huge treasure brings them back together. Not a deep movie by any means, but it can be amusing if you like Hudson and McConaughey together.
  3. "Open Water" Based on a true story, this movie is about a couple stranded in shark infested waters after their diving boat leaves without them. It stars Blanchard Ryan, an unknown actress. The couple that this movie was based on was never found.
  4. "The Cave" A team of scientists, along with a team of divers, explore an underwater system of caves in Romania. Lena Headley plays scientist Kathryn Jannings in this movie as they encounter cave creatures that threaten their lives.
  5. "The Abyss" Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio plays Lindsay, the chief engineer of an oil rig. The rig is being used by a team of divers who are supposed to find a nuclear submarine. Lindsay dives with the team as they have to face down an alien aquatic creature.
  6. "Leviathan" Amanda Pays costars in this movie about a group of scientists who discover a sunken Russian submarine. The sub contains a monster that is the result of a genetic experiment.
  7. "The Big Blue" Rosanne Arquette stars in this movie about old friends reconnecting over their true love of diving. Arquette plays Johanna, a young clerk who falls for Jacque, a diver who works for a team of scientists.
  8. "The Evil Below" June Chadwick stars as Sarah Livingstone in this deep sea film. Livingstone is looking for a ship that sank during the 17th century so she hires Max Cash, a boat captain to help her find it. No one seems to be able to find the ship because once they get close, they are killed. Another late 80's movie based deep in the ocean with an unknown supernatural power creating havoc, "The Evil Below" offers just a little bit of adventure.
  9. "The Deep" A 1977 film, "The Deep" stars Nick Nolte and Jaqueline Bissett. They find a strange medallion while scuba diving in Bermuda and end up being terrorized by a drug kingpin.
  10. "For Your Eyes Only" The bond girl in this movie is Carole Bouquet. She and bond have to dive into a shipwreck to find the ATAC device that the Soviet Union wants. Of course they find it, and after several life threatening battles, Bond throws it off a cliff so it shatters to pieces.
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