10 Word Tattoo Ideas

With the popularity of tattoos, the choices can be a little overwhelming, so here are 10 word tattoo ideas. Word tattoos are tattoos with writing. Different people choose tattoos based on what is important to them and what appeals to their taste. There really is no such thing as a “bad tattoo” just as long as it appeals to the person who displays it. There are many more options than the ones listed here, these 10 word tattoo ideas are just the beginning.

  1. Names. One of the most common types of word tattoos are names. Whether it's the name of a child, a spouse, or someone else important in your life, tattooing their name on yourself will be a visible reminder of how much you care for them. Name tattoos can be placed basically anywhere on the body. They're usually placed on the back, arms or legs.
  2. Bible verses. Another popular choice for word tattoos is a Bible verse of some kind. Particular quotes from Scripture are very important to some people, and an excellent way to showcase that is with a Scripture tattoo.
  3. Song lyrics. If there is a song that's draws you like a moth to the flame, then a particular part of the lyrics from that song would be a good idea for your tattoo. Another tattoo idea to consider is using some lyrics from the favorite song of a loved one. It's a unique way to honor that person near and dear to you, while still making it a personal remembrance.
  4. Poetry verses. Is there a particular poem that's always meant something special to you or a loved one? Poetry is often forgotten when it comes time to think of ideas for word tattoos. Using a verse from a poem will be a meaningful, unique addition to your body art.
  5. Famous quotes. Using a famous quote as an addition to your body art. is always an option. There is a famous quote for any and all occasions. Whether it's a quote from a politician, an actor , a musician or any famous person you admire, there will be a quote to suit your needs.
  6. Personal quotes. Personal quotes are a little more unique than famous quotes for tattoos. Inside jokes with friends and family fall into this category. If you plan on using an inside joke for your tattoo, just be sure that this is something that you'd feel comfortable with having on your body the rest of your life, even if you have a falling out with whoever that inside joke is with.
  7. Inspirational/motivational quotes Some people draw strength from inspirational quotes. If you're one of those people, then getting a word tattoo of an inspirational quote would be a good idea for you. As with name tattoos, inspirational quotes could be placed on the back, arms or legs.
  8. Excerpt from your favorite book. Books speak to some people the way that music speaks to others. If there's a particular passage from your favorite book that you're particularly drawn to, then there's your tattoo idea, right there. It's unique, and by using your favorite passage from a well loved book, then it will have special meaning to you, for the rest of your life.
  9. Movie quotes. Just like with books and music, movies are also something to consider when coming up with an idea for your word tattoo. Movies often create fond memories, so what better reason for picking your word tattoo idea?  By choosing something that's a personal favorite, you're ensuring that not only will your tattoo be unique to you, but also that you will feel comfortable with your choice.
  10. Single word tattoos. Single words are also an idea to consider when thinking about word tattoo ideas. For some people, it's the simple things in life that mean the most. Some examples of this could be: hope, faith, love, respect, wisdom and luck.
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