10 Worst Action RPGs for Xbox 360

While only the most vociferous of PlayStation or Nintendo fanboys could downplay the large majority of quality titles available on Microsoft's system, it isn't exactly difficult to find the 10 worst action RPGs for Xbox 360. Considering the fact that there have only been fourteen or so games relating to the genre that were actually released for the 360, and only three of them were any good, this should be a cake walk.


  1. "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel." Sometimes a game can just be too ambitious. Sacred 2 attempted to shove a hundred pounds of innovation into a ten pound bag and ended up producing a barely playable game with more bugs than a US embassy in Moscow.

  2. "Too Human." The combination of Norse mythology and high science fiction should never equal a mediocre game, yet somehow Silicon Knights figured out a way to make just that. With an $80 million budget and ten years in development hell, you would think they would have figured out a way to actually make things interesting.

  3. "Phantasy Star Universe." When the gaming dreadnought Phantasy Star Online had finally run its course, it was only natural that a follow up of sorts would find its way to the Xbox 360. PSU  had everything in common with the well received Online game except with all the good parts taken out. It was still better than "Final Fantasy XI" though—but then again what wasn't?

  4. "Divinity II: Ego Draconis." Freud fans will be disappointed to know that this game has nothing to do with the organized part of a Dragons personality structure that would include defensive, perceptual, and executive functions. Fans of video games will be disappointed to know that this game also has nothing to do with organized plot structure or originality.

  5. "Chaotic: Shadow Warriors." This video game based on the television show based on the card game is exactly as good as a blatant "Pokemon" rip off on a home console would be expected to be. Or maybe it is based on the card game based on the television show—who really knows since these generic things are marketed concurrently now.

  6. "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom." Kingdom Under Fire is actually a fairly well regarded series. Circle of Doom is regarded as a mess of button mashing, repetitive gameplay, and bare bones boredom. The only Circle of Doom on the Xbox 360 that is worse would be the Red Ring of Death—and even that is debatable.

  7. "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements." After being released in 2007 on the PC as a poorly received mess with tons of technical problems, there was an entire year before releasing the console iteration to fix it. Which, by some astounding impossibility, ended up to be even more of a mess. The worst part being the controls that felt like stumbling through quicksand on the PC now felt like stumbling through quicksand while wearing concrete pants.

  8. "Magnacarta 2." One of the stereotypes about Korean RPGs has always been that they are just low quality cash grabs that only exist to be dollar store variants of better Japanese games. The Magnacarta series does little to change that perception by giving Xbox 360 fans an opportunity to do something for some reason with some characters. Generic, thy name is "Magnacarta 2."

  9. "Rise of the Argonauts." "Rise of the Argonauts" takes everything somebody would expect in a good action RPG and strips it down to the bare minimum. Then, just when things seem like they might get better, the games poor design makes sure it is remembered as one of the worst Xbox 360 action RPGs in existence.

  10. "X-Blades." X-actly as x-tremely bad as one would x-pect a game with a name as bland as "X-Blades" could be. In ten years when gamers look back at this generation of consoles, "X-Blade" will be remembered as one of the worst titles for the Xbox 360. It blatantly rips off ideas from a dozen better games and then plugs them into its Mr. Potato Head of a game so haphazardly it ends up revealing a Lovecraftian creation so horrible it can't be looked at directly without causing madness.

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