10 Worst Album Covers Ever

While looking at this list of the 10 Worst Album Covers Ever, you will wonder what some of these artists were thinking. They put their heart, soul, and often a lot of drug money into making what they think are masterpieces, and then they cover those masterpieces with a stupid photo of themselves. Here are the 10 Worst Album Covers Ever.

  1. Merrill Womach: "Happy Again" This is one of the worst album covers because Merrill Womach decided to feature a face that no album cover should ever feature: the face of Merrill Womach. It's not nice to make fun of ugly people, but it's not possible to not make fun of how ugly Merrill Womach is.
  2. Rich McKnight: "Free Indeed!" This album cover shows an awkward, jumping, Rich McKnight clicking his heels together on a football field, or something. He seems to be a little too high in the air, and that will worry you at first. But then you notice a washed out photo of Rich in the right hand corner looking down at the jumping Rich, and you put it together: Rich McKnight is dead. His jumping photo was the last picture taken of him alive before he fell on his neck, and the ghost of Rich smiles at him from the corner, having just recorded the worst album of all time. Or maybe it was just a bad layout with bad pictures?
  3. Steve Warren: "Reflection" It is really hard to say if this is the best album cover ever, or the worst. A Hawaiian shirt, leather jacket, huge glasses, and even huger hair come together for an image that will make you laugh and feel distantly sad and lonely at the same time. Haunting.
  4. The Who: "Who's Next" Arguably the best rock and roll album of all time has one of the worst covers. The band stands around an outhouse on a pile of rocks. It makes you wonder if they were trying to be funny, or just didn't care. Either way, great music, bad cover.
  5. Mungo Jerry: "In the Summertime- Greatest Hits" The band sits on a hill. Mungo Jerry smiles. No one else does. It's not one of the worst album covers because the other band mates aren't smiling, it's because they all look upset. Angry, dismissive, and not at all aware of the camera. Or they just hate Mungo Jerry, as many of us do.
  6. Don West: "Hands" A ghostly image of Don West stands on a pair of gigantic hands. No further explanation as to why this cover is the worst needed.
  7. Chick Willis:" With Blues" Features Chick with a woman dancing in a skirt. A thought bubble pops from Chick's head that says, "STOOP DOWN BABY…LET YOUR DADDY SEE. Yeah– they forgot the comma after "down." Disgusting. But, if you're in the mood to listen to some good sexual harassment music, this album is for you.
  8. It's the Hendersons: "Babby Happy/The Merger" Two adult bodies with baby heads. Creepiest. Album. Cover. Ever.
  9. Weela Gallez: "My Turtle's Dead!" Scary, obese woman holds tiny monkey with a speech bubble that claims that her turtle is dead. This one is so frightening you'll look at it, close your eyes and still see it.
  10. Cody Matherson: "Can I Borrow a Feeling" Feathered hair, cut-off T-shirt, cross-eyed. The winner.
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