10 Worst Albums of the ’70s

The '70s were a time of historical significance, but in terms of music, there are a few albums most people would like to forget like these 10 Worst-Selling Albums of the '70s.

  1. "Tom Jones Live In Las Vegas" Tom Jones. As fabulous as Tom Jones really seemed to be, his live in Las Vegas album fell onto deaf ears in March of 1970 leaving one to wonder if the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" could have possibly begun with this album making it one of the worst albums of the '70s.
  2. "Stephen Stills 2" Stephen Stills. In August of 1971 Stephen Stills released his second self titled album. With the poor reviews it received its no wonder why Stills didn't leave it at one self titled album.
  3. "A Passion Play" Jethro Tull. This album is a fine example of an artist taking a listener for a proverbial "ride". However, in 1973 many people wanted this ride to end.
  4. "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends, Ladies and Gentlemen I Give You: Emerson, Lake & Palmer" Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This British progressive rock band went a tad overboard in 1974. If the saying goes "Never judge a book by its cover," then quite the opposite can be said about an album and its title, particularly in this case. No thank you guys.
  5. "Four Wheel Drive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive" July of 1975 found itself in a whirlwind of glam rock, the birth of punk, remaining rebelliousness from the 60s, and a new found passion for individualism. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, however, failed to please any listener in any of these aspects which lends itself to being one of the worst albums of the '70s.
  6. "Passport" Nana Mouskouri. A greek and rather worldly singer, Mourskouri's ambitious attempts to conquering the world fell short with "Passport." Amidst the many foreign language albums she recorded, this one drowned in the abyss.
  7. "Out Of The Blue" Electric Light Orchestra. As the '70s were beginning to come to a close, many predicted what would happen to the next decade's attempt at making music. In 1978, "Out Of The Blue" had people asking what happened to the present decade's music.
  8. "Lion heart" Kate Bush. At a young age, Kate Bush began a long journey into stardom. The album "Lion heart" in 1978 was her third album released in her very young career and its safe to say that it became the first to disappoint.
  9. "The Best Of Bread" Bread. In 1972, Bread made an attempt to scrap together enough songs to release an album to sell to fans. If only they would have just written better songs.
  10. "Argus" Wishbone Ash. Although Wishbone Ash is considered to be one of the best double-lead guitar groups of its day, that doesn't mean each album was a smash hit. "Argus" proved to be disastrous and left Wishbone Ash probably wishing a little harder.
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