10 Worst Basketball Players Of All Time

Compiling a list of the ten worst basketball players of all time wasn't very easy. For every Larry Bird caliber player, there were thousands on the other end of the spectrum. The worst basketball players of all time have to be chosen from the pro ranks simply because of the fact that they get paid boat loads of cash to suck on the grandest of all basketball stages. These guys are missing something. Be it talent, drive, or even focus, the following bums are considered to be the worst basketball players because they just don't get it done at the professional level.

  1. Danny Ferry. Though he's proven himself to be a good general manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers, his playing days weren't so memorable. The guy was a veritable beast for Duke, even being compared to Larry Bird. But, when he got to the pros well, for lack of a better term, he sucked. For all his college hype the guy only averaged seven points a game over his career.
  2. Jack Haley. This scrub didn't even play. He was in the league for one reason only. He was Dennis Rodman's handler. He even won a championship ring during Rodman's stint with the Bulls. He's proof it's not what you know but who, even when you're one of the worst basketball players ever.
  3. Dickey Simpkins. Yet another in a long line of Michael Jordan moochers. He received three championship rings with the Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan's tenure as the most dominating player ever. Why is Simpkins one of the worst basketball players of all time? He just seemed to constantly make some the dumbest mistakes possible in a game. He was the Bulls comic relief. Winning championships was serious business for the Bulls in the 1990's. Thank goodness Dickey Simpkins was there to lighten the load for Jordan and Pippen.
  4. Cherokee Parks. The poor man's Christian Laettner. This Duke alumni sucked in college but somehow made it to the pros. He was one of the worst because he tried to emulate a guy that wasn't that great himself. You know a copy is never as sharp as the original and Laettner was never that sharp in the pros. Cherokee's whopping 4.4 points and 3.6 rebounds a contest for his career solidified him as an NBA bottom feeder.
  5. Eric Dampier. How is he still playing? He's easily one of the worst basketball players ever. Passed off as a defensive player, even his defense sucks. He's just another big guy (at 6'11", 265 lbs) just taking up space. Somehow the NBA hasn't figured this out yet.
  6. Chris Dudley. He was a solid rebounder. That was about it. He sucked at scoring, 3.9 points a game for his career. He sucked at shooting free throws at 45.8%. But, he was tall ( 6'11") and took up space allowing himself to grab almost seven rebounds a contest. Let's hear it for one of the worst all around basketball players of all time.
  7. Luc Longley. Why is he one of the ten worst basketball players of all time? No seven footer should miss an open dunk with an airball. Simple as that. He should thank Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson everyday for being allowed to have such a lackluster career with the Bulls.
  8. Danny Schayes. The son of the great Dolph Schayes. He's also the proof that athletic ability isn't genetic. He did manage to play for eighteen seasons.
  9. Will Purdue. He was big. He was slow. He was one of the worst players in history to win a championship ring, thanks, once again, to Jordan.
  10. Tyson Chandler. You may ask, why is he on the list? He's athletic, he's quick and he shows moments of pure genius on both sides of the floor. Tyson Chandler is on this list because he squanders his talent. A center with athletic ability like him should be a dominating force. He's nothing more than a subpar performer for one reason. The boy has absolutely no heart. He plays like he's scared his slip is showing. He's a punk and always will be. No number of tatoos can cover up mental weakness. 


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