10 Worst Beatles Songs

The Beatles are ostensibly the greatest band in history, which makes it difficult to decide the 10 worst Beatles songs. Out of the vast catalog from their decade-long career together, there were countless hits, as well as quite a few misses.

  1. "Ask Me Why" from the album, "Please Please Me." Even though some early Lennon and McCartney songs exhibited their insane songwriting abilities, not every one is up to snuff. This one is forgettable and bland and deserves a place on the list of 10 worst Beatles songs.
  2. "Baby's in Black" from the album, "Beatles for Sale." Here is a strange song that seems to be about loving a girl whose significant other has died. The melody is neither upbeat, nor somber, but stuck somewhere in between.
  3. "Don't Bother Me" from the album, "With the Beatles." This surly tune was the first song written by George to appear on a Beatles album. And we can all be thankful that his songwriting skills improved.
  4. "Don't Pass Me By" from the album, "The Beatles" (also known as "The White Album"). Oh, Ringo. This song was his first solo songwriting credit with the Beatles, and it has a strange, awkward rhythm. Which is kind of funny, given that it was written by the drummer.
  5. "Little Child" from the album, "With the Beatles." Here is another early track that even some hard-core Beatles fans could do without.
  6. "Love You To" from the album, "Revolver." Though some of George's Eastern-tinged songs are lovely, this one is less than great. His droning, nasally tone atop the sitar, coupled with lyrics like, "Make love all day long, make love singing songs," puts this one on the list of the 10 worst Beatles songs.
  7. "Revolution 9" from the album, "The Beatles." Even though it can hardly be counted as a "song," this experimental piece from John repeats the phrase, "Number nine," strange music, and features snippets of random sentences. Out of the 10 worst Beatles songs, this may well be fans' least favorite.
  8. "Run for Your Life" from the album, "Rubber Soul." Although the melody of this song is not bad, the lyrics are threatening and scary, including, "I'd rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man."
  9. "Wild Honey Pie" from the album, "The Beatles." This is another strange cacophony from what is commonly known as "The White Album." The only lyrics are "Honey pie, honey pie, I love you, honey pie."
  10. "You Know My Name (Look up the Number)" originally released as the B-side to the single, "Let it Be." During this song, it just feels like the guys are just trying too hard to be funny. While some fans might defend the tune, others just feel like they missed the joke.
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