10 Worst Cars For Picking Up Chicks

These 10 worst cars for picking up chicks are guaranteed to make most girls run.  While a Corvette may be a chick magnet, these cars are more like a chick repellant.

  1. Smart Car.  The Smart ForTwo tries to fool you with its name.  It tries to make you think that buying one is smart, and ForTwo sounds intimate, right? Wrong. Driving a smart car will only result in you getting laughed at a labeled a virgin for life.  These cars should be avoided by everyone, at all costs.
  2. An Unmarked Van.   Most vans, especially those unmarked, are going to make girls run away in fear.  It doesn't matter how attractive or smooth you might be, no girl is going to want to get into a van.
  3. The Scion xBand the Nissan Cube.  These two show box shaped cars should be avoided by everyone, especially those hoping to pick up chicks.  When the Scion xB came out, Nissan decided that it wasn't ugly enough, so they created something even uglier.  Who would have thought that was possible?
  4. Volkswagen Beetle.  Let's put it this way—in a Beetle you will have no problem picking up other men.  However, if you are looking to pick up chicks avoid this car.  The Beetle is as feminine as a car can be.
  5. Station Wagons.  Station wagons are another perfect example of horrible body style.  The newer station wagons are bad enough, but go back to the '80s station wagons and it just gets worse.
  6. Mini Vans.  Mini vans of all types are meant for soccer moms.  The smart soccer moms have switched the the far better SUV body style.  Don't plan on picking up chicks in a mini van, even if it's not your mom's.
  7. Honda Civic Si.  The hatchback body style just looks horrible and will not attract any chick.  Not to mention the pathetic engine power.
  8. The Chrysler PT Cruiser.  It doesn't matter what "awesome" graphics you have on your PT.  It still isn't cool.  Chrysler says this on their website about the PT Cruiser, " …has an incredibly distinctive design."  That is undeniable.  The PT Cruiser has an incredibly distinctive, horribly ugly, design.
  9. Volvo Sedans.  This could go for most sedans.  The chicks you pick up most likely aren't interested in your vehicle's safety rating (which is the only good thing we can think of about Volvos).
  10. Any Peugeot Model.  We have yet to find a Peugeot that isn't absolutely horrible.  They all have an awkward shape—a shape that shouldn't be a vehicle.  These cars should just be generally avoided, as chicks will be avoiding them as well.
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