10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

The 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos are on people who pay a lot of money to look good. Celebrities go to a lot of trouble to look good all the time so it is hard to imagine why they would have some of the worst tattoos on their bodies which are either spelled incorrectly or represent people from their past. Below are the 10 worst celebrity tattoos.

  1. Stephen Baldwin: One of the worst celebrity tattoos belongs to Stephen Baldwin. Just to appear as a guest star on Disney's Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus bet Stephen Baldwin that if he would ink his body with the initials of Hannah Montana he could appear on the show. One year later he showed up with an HM tattoo.
  2. Travis Barker: As one of the worst celebrity tattoos, Travis Barker has a GM logo on his upper body. Not only does he have a GM tattoo but his entire body is covered with tattoos from the neck down. If Barker decides to go shirtless it would be almost impossible to tell the difference. Unless Barker is receiving royalties from GM then many years from now he might wonder what the tattoo even stands for.
  3. Miley Cyrus: Without her parents consent, Miley Cyrus had the word "love" tattooed on the inside of her ear which makes it one of the worst celebrity tattoos. Even though Cyrus is trying to act older than her age by dressing more sophisticated and adding more sexy moves to her performances, a tattoo in the inside of her ear is still immature.
  4. Megan Fox: Another one of the worst celebrity tattoos belongs to Megan Fox. Tattooed with Marilyn Monroe on her forearm reminds people that Fox is not talented or as beautiful as Monroe was. Fox also had a quote from a movie she made with Mickey Rourke tattooed across her rib cage.
  5. Hayden Panettiere: A tattoo in a foreign language is tattooed on Panettiere's back, however one of the words is incorrectly spelled which makes this another one of the worst celebrity tattoos. It is one thing to act fancy and sophisticated but at least spell the words correctly.
  6. Eve: With a set of dog paw prints on her chest, Eve also has the worst celebrity tattoos. Eve got the dog paw prints as a dare but then decided they looked really good and would keep them. Eve believes the paw prints were supposed to be there since she calls herself the "bitch of the litter."
  7. Steve-O: The Jackass star is covered with tattoos and many of them would be considered the worst celebrity tattoos. One of Steve-O's worst tattoos is a flying penis which even he thinks was pretty dim-witted. 
  8. Mike Tyson: Tribal prints on Mike Tyson's face qualify as another one of the worst celebrity tattoos. Mike Tyson does not need tribal prints to show how scary he looks. Now with the tribal prints surrounding his upper and lower eye he has made himself look like he belongs in a circus.
  9. Jon Gosselin: To show a change in himself, or a rebirth, Gosselin had a huge dragon tattooed on his back which is also one of the worst celebrity tattoos. Gosselin states that he has been planning this tattoo for quite some time but it seems that the tattoo is really just a sign of his inadequacy as a man.
  10. Mena Suvari: A tattoo of "Word, Sound, Power" on Mena Suvari's back is one of the worst celebrity tattoos.  The only person who knows what that phrase stands for is Mena Suvari and since she wears it on her back she does not have to spend time figuring out what it means.
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