10 Worst Foods To Eat

Naming the 10 worst foods to eat is a difficult thing to narrow down, mainly because different people love different types of food that other people literally will gag at. That's why they call it individual taste. However, the wide majority of the world has been McDonaldized to eating specific food groups in specific regions around the world, so it's tough to say that the Double Down from KFC is actually gross, though it's probably ten times worse for you then most of the gross foods listed below. But man, so much more delicious (until you find out what it's made from, at least).

  1. Kiviak: Kiviak is like Turducken, except with part of a seagull stuffed inside of a seal and not cooked at all. Rather, this Frankenstein carcass is buried in the permafrost, dug up when it becomes warm and eaten. Yes this is popular in Greenland. Among people, not polar bears.
  2. Roasted Rooster Testicles: Ever been to Northern China? Well, if you ever go, you've got to try the rooster testicles. It's a delicacy there. You know, next time you're in Northern China.
  3. Scorpion Soup: Also while in China… Scorpion Soup. The tail can kill you if you eat it and you're eating soup made out of an arachnid. Feel like an Alien, anyone?
  4. Raw Blood Soup: Really??? It's not just bowls of blood from Vietnamese ducks and geese? What'd you do? Add salt? Stick with the Pho while in Vietnam.
  5. Warthog Anus: Served in Namibia, the main question is not how it tastes or why would anyone ever eat this, but rather, what was the first time it was ever tried? Think about that scene for a moment.
  6. Bull Penis: You have to be very hungry in China to first eat this. Your neighbors all have to be very hungry in China to have helped make this into a national delicacy.
  7. Pacha: How do you end up eating the brain from sheep in Iraq? Live through a few wars and a dictatorship and maybe you'll understand.
  8. Balut: How is Boiled Duck Fetus ever considered appetizing? This isn't an egg. It's a baby duck stuffed inside an egg. Think "Alien."
  9. Hakari: An old Icelandic favorite, Hakari is rotten shark meat which people eat to be tough. Whatever happened to pounding a few beers?
  10. Kopi Luwak: And it's finally happened… Meerkat poop. Meerkat poop, which is primarily coffee berries, is collected, dried out, ground up and turned into… no, coffee. You're not eating it quite yet, but drinking it is most of the way there.
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