10 Worst Foods For You

You should know these 10 worst foods for you that professionals and specialists in food authority revealed to be unhealthy. These foods can make one high risk to cancer and other deleterious diseases. These 10 worst foods should be taken sparingly if not totally avoided.

  1. High-fat content snacks. Snacks that have high content of fat even if it is labeled with vegetable oil should be seldom taken. Many of these fats are harmful that may lead to certain diseases.
  2. Hydrogenated fats. In simple terms, these are man-made fats usually used in bakery products. These fats are the worst foods that can cause health problems in the future.
  3. Saturated fats. These fats are found in animal fats, commonly from pork and beef and even from chicken skins and other poultry products. This includes some dairy products such as milk, cheese and cream.
  4. Fake fat. This are purposely processed to make non-fat chips and snacks. These fake fats such as olestra have been known to cause some problems in the digestive system.
  5. Non-solid food. These foods are not really bad for you. But it is still at its best to eat solid foods that has higher content of fiber and nutrients. Liquid foods may have low content of phytochemicals.
  6. Raw oysters. It is very risky to take in raw oysters. It may carry bacteria that can bring dangers to the over all health of the body. Oysters are very nutritious however it is still best to have it cooked before adding it to your diet.
  7. Low-acid home-canned foods. Foods that have low acid content such as carrots and other vegetables are usually canned at home. However, it is not advisable to can these garden products. Failure to keep the appropriate temperature required for canning can cause problems such as botulism and other food poisoning.
  8. Foods that contain nitrates. Cured meat like hot dogs and bacon makes use of nitrate as preservative. This may be safe in small doses however this may be dangerous when it transforms to nitrite. Nitrite can come together to form nitrosamines that is very harmful for the body which can develop to cancer. Vitamin C can slow down the transformation of nitrate to nitrosamines. Take in lots of fruits rich in vitamin C to inhibit conversion.
  9. Soda. Soda as an alternative to water and other fruit juices is not good for the body. Soda is full of artificial components such as sweeteners, colors and flavors that can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  10. Alcohol. This is by far the worst food that contributes to more health problems. It is always best to monitor your alcohol intake as too much will lead to liver problems and other health related issues. Remember that too much of worst foods may lead to severe cases of health problems.
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