10 Worst John Mayer Quotes

Have you heard the 10 worst John Mayer quotes?  They are all examples of John Mayer putting his foot in his mouth. He is a great singer and popular with the ladies, but he often talks before he thinks about what he is going to say. You would think he would learn after the first few times of saying stupid things. But it seems that he likes the attention he gets from saying the worst quotes.

  1. My dick is sort of like a white supremacist.” This is one of the worst quotes by John Mayer. It was taken from an interview he had with Playboy magazine in 2010. The quote deals with interracial relationships.
  2. “If you really had a hood pass. You could call it an N—– pass.” This was also taken from the 2010 Playboy interview. This seems like a really racial quote. Just using the "N" word is extremely disrespectful.
  3. “Sometimes I wish that I was the weather.” As one of John Mayer’s worst quotes, this one was about meteorology. What does that even mean? Does he want to be sunny or stormy?
  4. “I can outgay this guy, right now.” John Mayer said this about kissing blogger Perez Hilton. John Mayer admitted he liked to watch gay porn after having sex with woman.
  5. “Tiger Woods’ problems come from him being married. The end.” Mayer told this to the United Kingdom newspaper, The Independent. Is he suggesting that the problems Tiger Woods had in his marriage was caused by Elin?  Is the fact that he was married have to do with his infidelity? That is ridiculous.
  6. “Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me.” This has to be the worst John Mayer quote. It stems from an interview with "Playboy" magazine. The girl he is talking about, of course, is Jessica Simpson. Whether or not he meant this in a good way or not, it was rude and disrespectful.
  7. “Before I make coffee, I’ve seem more butt holes than a proctologist does.” This John Mayer quote was totally uncalled for. The quote was regarding his chronic masturbating and his hopes of attending medical school. This was a bit more info that we really need to know.
  8. “My biggest dream is to write pornography.” John Mayer stated this fact during a 2010 "Playboy" interview. He states that when he watches porn, it just isn’t hot enough for him. He wants more. He thinks up stories in his head to write.
  9. “Look, just because it itches, doesn’t mean it stinks.” Mayer sent this message on his Twitter account in August of 2010. I am sure many of you don’t even want to know what this quote was about. Even if he was talking about something totally different than what most people are thinking, the quote was distasteful.
  10. “I’m sort of a half-chick…I can insert a tampon.” What! This was one of the worst quotes by John Mayer. What is he getting at?  He is telling us he has tried to insert a tampon?  Do we really care?  He should have just kept his mouth shut on this one.
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