10 Worst Low Paying Jobs

Have you wondered if you were in one of the ten worst low paying jobs? With America now being a service industry, we are seeing a rise in low paying jobs. On top of being the worst low paying jobs, these types of positions are mainly part-time which translates into no benefits, erratic schedules and oftentimes, stressed out managers forced to budget time and finances.

  1. Food Preparation/Serving. This division of the labor force also includes the fast food industry. The national average wage for this type of position is $8.71 per hour.
  2. Fast Food Cooks. Sweating over the heat of a fast food establishment nets little more than prepping and serving. The national average wage for this worst low paying job is $8.76, a whole whopping nickel more an hour than their servers.
  3. Dishwashers. For those not in the fast food industry, you may be able to make as a dishwasher at a fine dining establishment. The national average for this job is $8.81 per hour.
  4. Shampooers. If you prefer cleaning people's scalps to washing dishes, you can net an average of $9.08 per hour. Hopefully, this worst low paying job average did not include tips.
  5. Bar Aides, Dining and Cafeteria attendants. People fortunate enough to get into upper class eateries fare better than fast food attendants. The average as listed in 2009 was $9.13 per hour.
  6. Food concession, coffee shop and counter attendants.  Right up there with dining and cafeteria attendants, these workers make $9.13 per hour. This worst paying job also asks everyone to serve with a smile. How can they?
  7. Cash register attendants. This figure encompasses the entire field of cashiers including mart stores and mass merchandise stores. Their gross take per hour? A paltry $9.15 per hour.
  8. Host/Hostess. Coffee shops, lounges and restaurant front people earn a mere $9.23 on average to seat and attend to people waiting to eat. These workers are always on their feet and walking the entire establishment without tips.
  9. Recreation and amusement workers. The national average must be figured by a twelve month calendar, so one has to wonder where these employees paychecks are coming from during winters. As half of the nation has parks closed in winters, this figure may be off but it is claimed these workers earn $9.35 per hour.
  10. Ticket takers, ushers and lobby attendants. Theaters must be faring better as they pay these workers a national average of $9.43 per hour. Most of these positions are part-time without benefits.
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