10 Worst Metal Album Covers

Curious about what the 10 worst metal album covers are? There are a lot of head bangers who have plenty of enthusiastic critiques of what they consider less-than-rockin' art and photography, and with good reason! We've gathered up the 10 worst metal album covers ever, and here they are:

  1. Winger, "Winger" This self-titled mess looks about as metal as a high school geometry assignment produced by a failed art student. What's with the stopwatch eyeball? And is that a chopstick in the other eye hole? Not very metal. But then again, was Winger?
  2. Led Zeppelin, "Houses of the Holy" Ok, there is nothing holy about this at all, except maybe "holy crap!" Unless creepy naked kids who are seemingly trying to migrate somewhere make you want to pump your fist in the air and rock out (in which case you're probably pretty creepy yourself), it's not very metal either. Seems the 60s produced LSD and one of the worst metal album covers of all time. Coincidence?
  3. Poison, "Open Up and Say Ah" Ah, no thanks. Is this a member of the band or an understudy for "Cats"? And the photo edit job on that tongue is the worst. Metal album covers don't ordinarily look like Sarah Jessica Parker in a Halloween costume. Leave it to Poison!
  4. Fates Warning, "Night on Brocken" At first glance this looks like the cover of a fairy tale. Upon closer investigation, it's a creepy fairy tale. Although most fairy tales were pretty creepy anyway, this is still not a very metal album cover.
  5. Black Sabbath, "Born Again"  Damn that's scary! Looks like this kid shouldn't have been born the first time. This artwork is the worst. Metal album covers in the early 70s seemed to be getting a bit more "in your face" on a conceptual level, but clearly, as you can see by this masterpiece, the graphic design was primitive at best. How utterly disturbing.
  6. Twisted Sister, "Stay Hungry" Cheap background, crappy props, and a huge and creepy man wearing spandex and looking like he shares a make up kit with Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show" crouched down in the corner like a rabid dog. This is metal, just cheap and poorly staged.
  7. ManOWar, "Anthology" Good Lord, what's with the loin cloths? If Chippendale's had a band, this would be their album cover. What were these guys thinking?
  8. Poison, "Look what the Cat Dragged In" Bad kitty! Drag it back out! The only artist to win two spots on our 10 worst metal album covers list is Poison! At least they look a lot prettier here on number eight. This album cover looks more like a poster for a beauty pageant.
  9. Metal Church, "Hanging in the Balance" The only thing metal about this album is that bizarre brassiere the voluptuous cartoon creature is wearing. Extra points for the mohawk though.
  10. Pantera, "Metal Madness" What the hell? This is certainly madness! The most metal band on the whole list is sporting a cat with a nude, buff, steroid-riddled human male body that appears to have no genitalia. It leads us to believe that there is no "balls to the wall" heavy metal inside to this package, and when it comes to Pantera, this is clearly not the case.

It just goes to show you, some of the best head-banging, fist-pumping, Satan-worshipping metal music came with some of the worst metal album covers ever. Never judge an album by it's cover.

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