10 Worst NBA Trades Ever

There's been some bad trades in the NBA over the years, but here are the ten worst NBA trades ever. In retrospect, these exchanges were so stupid, you can't help but wonder what certain team administrations were thinking. It was as if losing games was the goal. Granted, no one can tell how good an NBA player will be until he, well, plays. Just look at guys like Eric Dampier or Sam Bowie, total busts. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and it's crystal clear that these  trades are the worst NBA trades ever. 

  1. Dirk to Dallas Come on Milwaukee! Really!? You ship off Dirk Nowitzki in a three team deal, and all you get for your efforts is Robert Traylor? Dirk has become an offensive lightning bolt for Dallas. Where's Traylor these days? Well, if it makes you feel any better, 1998 wasn't the first time the Milwaukee "Boneheads" made a stupid personnel change. How does it feel to be a "Worst NBA trade" repeat offender?
  2. Billups for Iverson. In 2008 Detroit thought it a good idea to add one of the most selfish players in NBA history to their roster. Not only that, they gave up Chauncy "Mr Big Shot" Billups to the Nuggets. Denver's a title contender. Detroit, not so much.
  3. 'Nique to the Clipps The "Human Highlight Film" was sent to the Clippers in 1994. The Hawks got Danny Manning for a a grand total of 22 games. Not your best move Atlanta.
  4. Philadelphia falters. Another "Worst NBA Trade" repeat offender. Charles Barkley goes to the Suns in 1992. For what? Oh yeah–for another decade of obscurity. Way to go guys.  
  5. Golden State gaffe Golden State has a history of shipping off great talent to its competitors, but no trade is as stupid as this one. They sent Robert Parish and Kevin McHale to Boston for some guy name Joe Carroll in 1980. Joe who? Parish and McHale went on to become two of the 50 best players in history for the most dominating team in NBA history. Not to mention winning multiple NBA titles with Larry the legend. Golden State got Joe Carroll. Wow, easily one of the worst NBA trades ever.
  6. Hello Houston After trying for years to win a title in Portland, Clyde Drexler was traded to Houston during the 1994-1995 season. Guess what, Houston won back to back championships. Portland, well…
  7. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Teams must love the Lakers. Charlotte gives up Kobe Bryant for the flop king Vlade Divac. In 1996 the Lakers got one of the best players to ever touch a basketball, oh and a future of dominant teams with Kobe at the helm. They've won, lets see, four titles with Kobe? They'll probably win a fifth in 2010. Charlotte got Vlade and the distinction of being grouped with other idiot teams for making one of the worst NBA trades ever.
  8. Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers One team's stupidity is once again the Lakers good fortune. Milwaukee, once again, what were you thinking? 1975 marked the re emergence of the LA Lakers as a powerhouse team in the West. They received arguably the best center of all time for a group of forgettables. Jabbar brought five championships to his Laker team.  Milwaukee got the short end of the stick in one of the worst trades in NBA history.
  9. Wilt Chamberlain to Los Angeles In 1968 the 76ers thought it would be a good idea to trade away the most dominant center in the history of the game to Los Angeles. Talk about one of the worst NBA trades. This guy averaged over 30 points and twenty rebounds per contest for his career. He didn't do it for just one season, it was his entire career. Way to go Philadelphia.
  10. Pippen for Polynice  Even Olden Polynice thinks this trade sucked. The Seattle Supersonics traded incoming rookie Scottie Pippen for a rather mediocre player in Olden Polynice in 1987. The Bulls got the perfect compliment to Michael Jordan and one of the greatest, most versatile players of all time. Let's not forget the six NBA titles as well.
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