10 Worst Punk Songs of All Time

To list the ten worst punk songs of all time is a celebration of punk music. The Punk music movement started in the 1970s and '80s and stripped music of the long, rambling guitar and drum solos. It was hard-driving, wild, and rebellious, with a beat that drove the music. Punk songs were also anti-establishment and rejected traditions and common culture. Songs that stood the test of time would be more mainstream, meaning anti-punk. True classics of punk would be songs that are the worst of all times, meaning anti-establishment. The list, in no particular order, includes these counterculture classics.

  1. "Goo Goo Muck" by the Cramps. This song is featured on the album "Bad Music for Bad People," an album with songs that beg to make the worst punk songs of all time list. It is arguably a worst hit in the psychobilly punk music genre. Psychobilly is a classic blend of punk, surf and rockabilly and this song is a classic worst. The song improves tremendously when heard live, however, and may drop from the list entirely.  Watching Lux Interior gyrate around the stage totally distracts from the live music, but listening to a recording, it's a sure worst punk songs list topper.
  2. "A Change at Christmas" by the Flaming Lips. Think about it: A punk song written for the Christmas holiday. Not much more needed to document including this song on the worst list. 
  3. Anything by The Worst.  This UK band played only live music and much of it easily makes the worst punk songs of all times. Choose from the groups improvised classics including "Rapist," "Police," or "Gimme Some Money." All classic worsts. 
  4. "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" by the Butthole Surfers. True, the Surfers can pound out a good tune and certainly spin some poetic lyrics, but the earliest titles are simply a test to any kind of taste. Forget good taste, the songs are offensive to even bad taste. The group's "Bar-B-Q Pope" is another candidate for the worst punk songs of all time list, but the ten awards are limited to only one song per group.
  5. "Guilty of Being White" by Minor Threat. The US group, part of the Emo punk movement also known as "emotional hardcore," rockets up the worst chart with a song that the musicians claim has nothing to do with being a racist, but has ended up on records by clear racists. This song may earn the number one rating on the worst punk songs of all time list. 
  6. "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional. There is a limit on the number of times a song can repeat the same line, even if the singer gives it the streaming intensity of a living banshee. It's the worst. It's the worst. It's the worst. It's the worst. Worst. Worst. Worst. Worst. Worst.
  7. "Cute without the 'E'" by Taking Back Sunday. Awful cover and when the group performs the tune live, it rarely has the same lyrics. A top worst punk song of all time and a top worst performance by a punk rock group. 
  8. "Over You" by the Dwarves. The only good thing about a Dwarves' song is that is doesn't last longer than a few seconds. "Over You" is a short song about unrequited love. Not something that will win back anyone and certainly a worst song lister, even though the group is part of the newer punk movement. 
  9. "I Saw You Shine" by Flipper. Overly sentimental for a punk band. While the San Francisco musicians rocked on many an album, this song is a boring bomb. Hardly worthy of their talents. 
  10. Anything by Happy Flowers. If the music doesn't qualify for the worst punk list, the dress on the two "flowers" pushes it over the top. Most of the song catalog consists of shouting and screaming the song title until the listener can't take it any more and turns off the noise. Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly-Charred-Infant, also known in real life as John Beers and Charlie Kramer, dressed like disturbed children and somehow made four albums during the 1980s. Shockingly bad tunes, and any one of which qualifies for the worst punk songs of all time list. 
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