10 Worst Rap Album Covers Ever Made

Rap music has been one of the most innovative and influential musical genres of the past few decades, but taking a look at some of the worst rap album covers ever made, hip-hop looks more like a big flop.  The rhymes may be hot, but the artwork most certainly is not. 

  1. Lil Kim – "Hardcore." Sure, rap music has always been charged with sexual tension, but don’t you think it’s time to bring animals into the picture?  Lil Kim knows to how set the perfect mood: roses, candles, a romantic fire burning.  And it’s all so she can hump the living bejesus out of a polar bear. 
  2. Master P – "Ghetto Postage." United States postal workers are a courageous bunch who deserve our respect and gratitude.  According to Master P, they also deserve to be honored with one of the worst rap album covers ever made.  To be honest, though, the cover was pretty smart, because thirty-three cents is probably what the album is selling for these days. 
  3. Tony Tee – "Time to Get Physical." They say working out releases chemicals in the brain that put you in the mood for romance.  Apparently that’s what we’re witnessing here.  It’s just hard to know who’s more turned on: the awkwardly spandexed woman straddling Tony or the two men in short shorts who are watching it go down. 
  4. Lil Wayne – "The Block is Hot." What’s a sure-fire way to create one of the worst rap album covers ever made?  Use overly literal graphical representations of your album title.  Lil Wayne uses this technique to perfection by adorning "The Block is Hot" with what else…a block.  On fire.  Very clever.
  5. Black Jesus – "TGNST."  You would think releasing an album and traveling to outer space would be something to get excited about.  Nope. Not really. Just kind of standing here. Don’t mind me.
  6. Big Bear – "Doin Thangs."  One grizzly bear smoking a cigar and drinking wine would have been enough to get "Doin Thangs" on this list.  With four smoking bears, copious amounts of fake fruit, and enough cheesy lighting effects to make you nauseous, it’s a strong contender for the worst rap album cover ever made.
  7. M$. Tee –" Having Thing$."  Take a low-quality, consumer-grade camera add your grandmother’s living room and sprinkle on some denim.  Lots of denim.  You’ve got a recipe for maybe the most uncomfortable-looking candidate on the list of worst rap album covers ever made. 
  8. Trick Daddy – "Thug.com." What happens when horrible goes high-tech?  Just ask Trick Daddy.  You can’t help wishing that this album would have gotten a virus before it got released.  Welcome to Terrible 2.0. 
  9. Pooh Man – "Funky as I Wanna Be."  “Guys!  How can we make this cover more sexual?”  “Throw some legs on it!”  “What kind of legs?”  “Hey, I don’t know…just some legs.  And throw Pooh’s face right in between ‘em.  I hear that’s what the kids are into these days.”  These are the truly genius conversations that have birthed the worst rap album covers of all time.
  10. Tec-9 from U.N.L.V – "Straight from tha Ramp!!!"  This just might be the one and only worst rap album cover ever made.  There are no words to truly describe the embarrassing, confusing, laughable, and pathetic snapshot that our buddy Tec-9 chose to adorn his album cover.  We’ll ask him more about it when he gets back from refilling his gun in the kitchen sink.



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