10 Worst Rap Albums of All Time

Here are the 10 worst rap albums of all time. These albums should have never been released because they were a waste of our money and time. Since making these albums, hopefully the rappers in question have either changed their style or given up on rap all together.

  1. "Ghetto Postage" by Master P Let's give Master P credit for "Last Don." That was the last album he made that was worth listening. He should of just quit then because "Ghetto Postage" wasn't worth the studio time.
  2. "Unrestricted" by Da Brat Da Brat had a few moments where she actually put out some good music, but "Unrestricted" wasn't her finest moment. The only positive thing about this album is the first track. After that, the album goes downhill. Da Brat earned herself an easy spot on the worst rap albums of all time.
  3. "Goodfellas" by 504 Boyz They had some good albums in the 90s. After that, they really couldn't compete with new up and coming rappers. This album was by far the worst album that 504 Boyz has put out.
  4. "Lights Out" by Lil' Wayne We all know that Lil' Wayne is one of the hottest rappers out right now. However, "Lights Out" didn't do Lil' Wayne justice. This album sounds just like the "Block is Hot" album. It is almost like he made a duplicate album.
  5. "Anarchy" by Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes put out three great albums in a row and then this one. He was on a roll with his previous albums that he seemed to get a little cocky and not put enough effort into "Anarchy."
  6. "Middle Finger U" by Sauce Money "Middle Finger U" is more like sleep-inducing music than a rap album. This album was a major let-down. Sauce Money could of done a lot better.
  7. "Dead Man Walkin'" by Snoop Dogg "Dead Man Walkin'" just screams desperation. Suge and Snoop seemed so eager to put out an album that they couldn't even produce a relevant album. Thankfully, Snoop has plenty of hit albums and he will probably recover from this.
  8. "All Money is Legal" by Amil Roc-A-Fella Records must of been desperate to sign a female rapper–this album was horrible. Not only can Amil not rap, but she can't even put out music that people are interested in. This album was a bust and one of the the ten worst rap albums of all time.
  9. "Causin' Drama" by DJ Drama The only thing this album caused was lack of sales. What was DJ Drama thinking by putting out this album? A few seconds into track one and it was obvious this was going to be one of the worst rap albums.
  10. "The Understanding" by Memphis Bleek Why Memphis Bleek would even attempt to put out a rap album is beyond belief. Memphis Bleek has zero rapping skill. It's no wonder this album makes the worst rap albums list.
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