10 Worst Rap Albums To Flop

Rap music combines a solid beat, poetry-like lyrics and poignant topics, characteristics you won't see in these ten worst rap albums to flop. When done right, rap can speak to your soul, but when it is bad, it is awful. Here is a list of the ten worst rap albums to flop.

  1. “The Funky Head Hunter” by MC Hammer. This CD, released in 1994, was a turning point for MC Hammer, just not a turn the right way. To try and keep up with the new rappers, MC Hammer tried to adjust his style, but it just ended up being a disappointing and uninspiring mix of old and new. 
  2. “The Seventh Seal” by Rakim. Likely the result of him trying too hard, this album by Rakim made the list of ten worst rap albums to flop by not being able to keep up with the times. He has made some major advances to the skill of emceeing but this CD seems like a shadow of what he has been known to do. 
  3. “Back on my B.S” by Busta Rhymes. Unfortunately, this CD offered us nothing new. They seem to think that meaningless skits and adding extra star power to the album would somehow help sell it this time, regardless of the fact that it didn’t work last time. The disappointment of their stagnation is what keeps this album on the ten worst rap albums to flop list.
  4.  “Crime Pays” by Cam’ron. Trying to come back on his own after his group kicked him out, Cam’ron’s CD flopped because it was missing his passion that really made him enjoyable to listen to. It was disappointing for many people who had high hopes that a solo career would be the way for him to go.
  5. “Ultraviolete” by Kid Sister. Touted to be the album to restore the superiority of female rappers, the album flopped, leaving us all frustrated. Two years of hype and anticipation ended up with a CD that sounds like the first single. This was clearly one of the ten worst rap albums to flop.
  6. “Extremely Live” by Vanilla Ice. Not that we had expected anything different, but Vanilla Ice’s second CD flopped so bad that there was just no coming back for the man.
  7. “Nuff Ced” by Cedrick Ceballos. NBA players should not go into rap. They often try, but it never seems to turn out right. This album was even worse than the general NBA star drivel so it clearly secures a spot on this list of the ten worst rap albums to flop. 
  8. “Surf or Die” by The Surf MC’s. Trying to blend surfing and rap is not a good idea as demonstrated by this horrific album released in 1987. With no creativity and sounding uncomfortably like the Beach Boys, this may actually be the worst rap album to flop of all time.
  9. “Dirty Versions” by A.G. Not sure what happed to his CD by A.G. but it flopped hard. Likely, the addition of the Ghetto Dwellas made the album so bad that it was nearly impossible to listen to. Unfortunately, it encouraged this CD to end up on the list of the ten worst rap albums to flop.
  10. “Loso’s Way” by Fabolous. Although it seems that there are often a couple good songs mixed into Fabolous’ albums, his CDs, as a whole, tend to flop. This CD started off well but then it loses its way, ending up on this list of the ten worst rap albums to flop.  
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