10 Worst Rap Groups

While the ten worst rap groups list may be strictly opinion, some of the bad habits displayed by these groups are undeniable. These aren't groups with a bad song, these are groups who did everything wrong. Turn the volume down before deciding to listen to these guys.

  1. Insane Clown Posse. Topping the list of worst rap groups is the make-up wearing goof balls who started of all things, a professional wrestling association. Their followers, known as Juggalos, are known for wearing clown make-up in daily life. With only one song ever receiving radio play, the group died out years ago, but the members haven't figured this concept out just yet.
  2. Gnarls Barkley. This duo earned their spot on the list of the worst rap groups. Choosing to name themselves after a fantasy basketball team only enhanced there clown appearance of black top hats, white suspenders and blond Liza Minnelli wigs.
  3. The Lox. Another highly deserving entry on the list of worst rap groups. These guys named themselves after fish and their music smelled just about as bad.
  4. Swollen Members. This group thought their name was cleaver but it put them square on the list of worst rap groups. The mixed culture duo thought they could unite the ladies with their charms, but ended up splitting over creative differences.
  5. Da Bush Babees. Bad lyrics and bad naming skills earn this trio a spot on the list of worst rap groups. With a name like that, it's really no wonder they received no radio play.
  6. 69 Boys. This group is highly deserving of a spot on the list of worst rap groups regardless of their success. Their sexually explicit name clashed badly with their on stage performances which resembled strip club acts more than concerts.
  7. Young Black Teenagers. Their obviousness places them at number six on the list of worst rap groups. These young guys were even worse at writing lyrics as they were in naming their group.
  8. Kidz in the Hall. They named themselves after a cable comedy show. The name alone is enough to put the duo on the list of worst rap groups.
  9. Cunninlynguists. This group is a face palm from the start. The name was suppose to be funny, but their raps are so bad they earned them a spot on the list of worst rap groups.
  10. St. Lunatics. The group including Nelly and Murph Lee makes the list of worst rap groups. With all that talent involved, they still couldn't come up with a winning single. The groups only release ended up in the $1.99 barrel within days.
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