10 Worst Selling Rap Albums Of All Time

Want to know what the 10 worst selling rap albums of all time are? Rap music has captivated listening audiences since the 1970’s and continues to evolve as new artist derive a genuine sound.  Unfortunately for these rap artists, their genuine rap sound did not captivate many listeners at all.  This list compiles the ten worst rap albums to flop. 

  1. “Powerballin” by Chingy. Released in 2004, Chingy came on to the music scene amidst the high popularity of another rap artist by the name of Nelly.  Many rap enthusiasts portrayed Chingy as a clone of Nelly and were turned off by his lack of originality.  This album has sold only 600,000 copies worldwide which is an 80% drop from his previous album’s sales.
  2. “Reality Check” by Juvenile.  This album was marked as the eighth release for Juvenile, but flopped selling only 505,000 copies.  After leaving Cash Money Millionaires, Juvenile produced rap music similar to his days with Lil’Wayne and company.  Juvenile needs a reality check to formulate a new rap sound to deliver to his fans.
  3. “Playing With Fire” by Kevin Federline.  Kevin Federline is famous for having children with Britney Spears.  That’s it.  He does not have any street cred nor does he have any legitimate rap or hip hop talent.  It is no surprise that this album flopped.  The only surprise is that a record company actually thought to produce the album.  “Playing with Fire” has sold only 18,000 copies to date.
  4. “Forever” by Puff Daddy. Released in 1999, Puff Daddy has been criticized by some to have capitalized on Notorious B.I.G’s death.  He released an album called “No Way Out” which was a compilation album of Bad Boy records artists.  Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or just Diddy attempted a solo album which flopped horribly characterized by weak and uninspired rap lyrics.  Forever went on to sell only 1.4 million which is 75% less than the amount of albums sold on “No Way Out”.
  5.  “Mind Blowin” by Vanilla Ice. Fueled by suburban gangster jokes, Vanilla Ice wanted to change his image and create an album that was edgier than his debut.   What fans received was a polar opposite and a disappointing 42,000 in albums sales to date.
  6. “Hip Hop is Dead” by NAS.  Nas failed to live up to the expectations set forth by his two previous albums.  “Hip Hop is Dead” has only sold approximately a third of what the first two albums have sold.  Even though Nas claims that Hip Hop is dead, he does nothing on this album to inspire breathe into a dying breed. 
  7. “The Big Bang” by Busta Rhymes.  Considering the talent that was involved on this album, it was a disappointment for all Busta Rhyme fans and only 613,000 copies were sold.  Stars such as Missy Elliot, Will.i.am and Stevie Wonder were guest artists but were unable to make this album bang.
  8. “Press Play” by Diddy.  This album is yet another example of a compilation album by Diddy in an attempt to cover his lack of originality.  This time Diddy employed artists such as Pharrell, Kanye West, Big Boi and Fergie.  Diddy hoped that the platinum star power would rub off on this album.  It didn't work.  “Press Play” has only sold 700,00 copies in comparison to the previously released “Forever” album which sold 1.4 million.
  9. “G.O.A.T." by LL Cool J.  This was the rap phenomenon’s ninth album to be released.  Of all the tracks on this record, “Imagine That” was the only song to reach the Hot 100 peaking at the #98 spot.  The album is characterized by the same sexual talk that LL has been associated with since the 1980’s.  In comparison to his previous albums, “G.O.A.T’ has only sold 800,000 copies to date.
  10. “Clones” by the Neptunes.  The Neptunes have a signature stylistic beat that has been featured on many hip hop and rap albums through out the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  However, this album is a testament to the hollow studio tricks that the Neptunes have been associated with.  Selling only 827,000 copies to date, the Neptunes failed to produce a new award winning sound that the rap and hip hop population can bob their head to.
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