10 Worst Singers Ever

There have been many great songs through the years but many more awful ones, so identifying the 10 worst singers ever is not an easy task. Some people are just not capable of producing pleasant sounds when they open their mouths. Some people cause glass to shatter or people to insert ear plugs every time they make their foghorn like sounds in public. These 10 singers are the absolute worst of all time.

  1. Victoria Beckham. She was the worst singer in one of the worst singing groups ever. Luckily for Beckham, her record label was more interested in her anorexic, moody look than her talent which is lucky for her because her talent was non-existent. She has now given up the "singing" career and instead is enjoying life as the wife of a wealthy soccer star.
  2. Bruce Willis. He may be an action hero movie star but one thing he is not, is a singer. Sadly Bruce has a warped perception of his own talent and periodically makes sounds in public that are akin to nails on a chalk board. He is one of the worst singers ever and maybe that explains why he gets so many movie parts, because people want to minimize his singing time. 
  3. Eddie Murphy. Talented, funny and dreadful at singing. Eddie Murphy has been in the Hollywood spotlight for many years and his memorable roles include a cop and a donkey. He probably got the idea for the donkey role when he was listening to himself sing since he is one of the worst singers ever. 
  4. Billy Ray Cyrus. Some people may like his singing but whoever those people are, they have not been seen in a long long time judging by the demise of his singing career. No one has ever managed to make such an awful song as "Achey Breaky Heart," and hopefully no one ever will.  
  5. William Hung. The fact that Hung is only number five on this list says a lot about the complete lack of talent evidenced by the top four because Hung is comically bad at singing. He shot to fame or notoriety on "American Idol," and many viewers have yet to recover. One of the absolute worst singers ever.
  6. Fred Durst. His career didn't last long which probably has a lot to do with the fact that he was a "singer" with no ability to sing. Fred was in the right place at the right time and good for him for figuring a way to make money at something he was really terrible at. Luckily the record company saw sense in the end and called time on his singing career. 
  7. Liam Gallagher. He was the singer of Oasis but the popular songs were all performed by his brother Noel who was actually able to sing. Liam was not only a bad singer, he was also totally incoherent and sounded a bit like a strangled cat. One of the worst singers ever to have come out of Britain. 
  8. Shane McGowan. Anyone who calls himself a professional drinker is going to be an interesting character and McGowan is no exception. He has more teeth than singing talent which doesn't say much. Probably the worst singer Ireland has ever produced. 
  9. Bob Geldoff. Until McGowan came along, Geldoff was the worst singer in the history of Ireland. Despite McGowan stealing his thunder, Geldoff still deserves some credit for his truly awful singing voice. He decided to put the music career to rest in the 80's and became a fundraiser. Luckily he had more success with that than the singing.
  10. Britney Spears. It has to be said, but were it not for the creation of auto-tune and similar computer technology, Britney would probably be working at a roadside diner in Louisiana. Talentless and bizarre, Spears clings to fame but at some point the public will lose interest because she is one of the 10 worst singers ever.
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