10 Worst Songs Of All Time

There is much debate as to what the top 10 worst songs of all time are. Because there have been many songs that have been considered “bad,” narrowing down the field a little can be difficult to do. However, there is little doubt that these songs could easily be anywhere on that “top worst” list.

  1. “I Want My Baby Back” This novelty song by Jimmy Cross possesses distasteful commentary on teenage death records in 1965, the year the song was released. Due to the novelty feel of the song as well as the distasteful content, British DJ Kenny Everett named it one of the worst songs of all time.
  2. “The Cheeky Song” This pop single was released by the Cheeky Girls in 2003. Soon after its release, it was voted the number one worst pop record of all time.
  3. “Dance with Me” A flash disco single released by Reginald Bosanquet, “Dance with Me” was named the worst song ever by DJ Kenny Everett.
  4. “Heartbeat” Don Johnson’s single was considered a truly awful song by thousands of listeners shortly after its release in 1986.
  5. “(You’re) Having My Baby” Paula Anka’s 1974 single was rated by thousands of CNN.com viewers as the worst song of all time.
  6. “Who Let the Dogs Out?” A cult favorite of the early 2000s, the Baha Men rose to fame, but quickly fell from it once listeners called it them repetitive, ambiguous and annoying.
  7. “We Built This City” Starship’s 1985 song remained famous for several short months before listeners grew weary of this pop-rock tune.
  8. “The Millennium Prayer” This song by Cliff Richard was rated by VH1 as the number-one worst song of all time after a large poll.
  9. “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion recorded this record in 1997 to great success. However, the song’s fame was short lived and it was rated as one of the worst songs ever by several critics.
  10. “MacArthur Park” Richard Harris’ song received success only because of how strange the tune and lyrics were. It is often considered the worst song ever.

Though there are many bad songs out there, there is little doubt that these songs would rank somewhere on anyone’s list.

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