10 Worst Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can either be very good or very bad, and here are the 10 worst tattoo ideas. A half-baked tattoo idea can wind up leaving you with a lifetime of regret. While laser tattoo removal is always an option, it is painful, expensive and doesn't always remove 100% of the tattoo. So you'll want to consider your tattoo ideas carefully.

  1. Name tattoos. One of the worst tattoo ideas that a person could consider is a name tattoo. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend's name isn't a very smart thing to consider. There's no guarantee of the relationship working out, and explaining that name on your body can prove complicated for future relationships. Names of family members is a different story, however. Just be prepared for a possible falling out with that particular family member in the future.
  2. Symbols. Chinese symbol tattoos are increasing in popularity. However, symbol tattoos can be one of the worst tattoo ideas if the desired symbol is not properly researched. Symbols can have more than one meaning. And trusting the flash art in the tattoo shop won't get you very far.
  3. Portrait. Portrait tattoos can be one of the worst tattoo ideas you can think of. They can be wonderful tattoos, IF the tattoo artist is experienced enough to execute such a complicated piece of body art.
  4. Replica of detailed art. Along the same line of portrait tattoos, attempting to replicate a detailed piece of art on your body can be one of the worst tattoo ideas you could think of. Tattooing is different than drawing. Pieces of art that are complicated, with lots of detail and colors may turn out to be disappointing if your artist isn't up to the job.
  5. Trendy tattoos. While those sparrows or nautical stars may seem like a good idea now, trendy tattoos are some of the worst tattoos you could get. Trends change, and usually fairly quickly. While that trendy tattoo may make you seem cool now, things ill change when that design decreases in popularity.
  6. Matching tattoo with another person. Getting a matching tattoo with your lover or best friend is one of the worst tattoo ideas you could get. People have fallings out with people close to them all the time. Friendships end and people break up. Don't get a matching tattoo with another person unless you're prepared for a lifelong reminder of that person in the event they are no longer in your life.
  7. Flash art. One of the worst ideas for a tattoo you could consider is picking a piece of flash art off the wall in the tattoo shop. Tattoos copied from flash art are unoriginal and you will most likely encounter one or more people through your life with the exact same tattoo that you have.
  8. Tattoos that encourage hate While the First Amendment is there for a reason, getting a tattoo that encourages hate towards another group of people is a bad idea. By doing so, you would open yourself up for a lot of hassle. And there's always the possibility that you will change your views later in life.
  9. Anything that comes to mind while out partying. Some of the most common tattoo regrets come from mornings after. People wake up with a wicked hangover and little to no memory of a tattoo they got or why. Alcohol inspired tattoos are one of the worst tattoo ideas you could ever do, period.
  10. Home-made tattoos. People like to experiment with home-made tattoo machines. It's possible to make a tattoo machine at home, but a home-made tattoo is one of the worst ideas you could do for a tattoo. The materials are inferior and the conditions are unsanitary. Kitchen tattoos usually wind up leaving people with regret as well as a desire to get a cover-up tattoo.
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