10 Worst Wedding Songs

Marriage is a joyous occasion, and it can be made even more joyous by steering clear of the 10 worst wedding songs of all time. There's nothing like enduring the stress brought on by your bridezilla while she's scurrying to perfect every last detail of the big day, only to discover that the musical selection stinks. You'll have put your sanity through the ringer for nothing if she flips out about the horrible music at the last minute. Avoid the worst wedding songs and it's smooth sailing. 

  1. "When a Man Loves a Woman" – This may be the world's worst wedding song simply because it cries overkill. The Michael Bolton rendition is the cheesiest, especially when he brings it on home in a pitch that makes dogs howl and babies cry.
  2. "Let's Get it On" – Master of setting the mood that you are, try keeping that information on the down low. Just as some things should not leave the bedroom, this song should not play at your wedding. There'll be plenty of room for this kind of music on the honeymoon.
  3. "Material Girl" – Convince your bride-to-be to keep this song off the playlist at all costs. She wants to play a hip and memorable dance tune, not one of the worst wedding songs of all time that insinuates she's a gold digger marrying for money.
  4. "Cherry Pie" – Sorry men, but your elderly grandmother and all of your bride's relatives that flew in from across the country to attend the most memorable day of her life do not need to know that she "tastes so good make a grown man cry." These lyrics are a bit suggestive to say the least. If you're searching for a rockin' tune about your sweetie, search elsewhere. 
  5. "Single Ladies" – Although it's true that your bride's single girlfriends need a good song to connect with as much as everyone else at the wedding does, refrain from botching things up with this one to keep things from souring. There's no need to rub everyone's single status in their faces after you proudly "put a ring on it."
  6. "Your Body is a Wonderland" – This song has potential to create discomfort and you don't want to sicken your guests. Select a more appropriate John Mayer hit, because this makes one of the worst wedding songs ever.
  7. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" – Cyndi Lauper songs do not make for elegant weddings. If you want to see a group of otherwise intelligible women transform into a herd of giddy squealing pigs, go ahead and play it.
  8. "It's Raining Men" – The bachelorette party is over. This is one of the worst songs for a wedding because it reeks of trash. Keep this song where it belongs—at the Chip N' Dales.
  9. "What a Man" – If you gloat in the limelight, give this one a go. Otherwise, leave this song off of the playlist to evade embarrassment.
  10. "Let's Get Married" – The irony this song contributes to your wedding is that you are already married. Besides, it's been done a thousand times over.
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