10 Worst White NBA Basketball Players

It's a way bigger challenge to name the 10 worst white NBA basketball players than the 10 best. Of course, Larry Bird is one of the best ever, but for every Bird there are more than a dozen terrible white NBA players.

  1. Shawn Bradley. At 7'6", Bradley is widely considered the worst white NBA basketball player of all time. His flimsy frame (275 pounds) and proneness to soft injuries made him a certified bust after he was selected second overall in the 1993 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers.
  2. Cherokee Parks. Like many of the worst white NBA players, Parks played his college ball at Duke, where he won a national championship. He quickly tatted himself up in the NBA, but it hardly helped his game. He had career averages of 4.4 points and 3.6 rebounds per game during his ten seasons.
  3. Eric Montross. The former North Carolina 7' tall Montross was drafted number nine in 1994 by Boston. He then went on to play for Dallas, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit and Toronto, where he combined to average 4.9 points per game. He shockingly started 263 games.
  4. Adam Morrison. This swing guard became an immediate bust shortly after the Bobcats selected him with the number three pick in the 2006 draft. He grew a creepy mustache, got traded to the Lakers and won a title in 2009 while riding the pine.
  5. Joe Kleine. The seven-footer was drafted sixth overall in 1985 and had a lengthy fifteen-year NBA career. Too bad most of it was spend uncomfortably running down the floor for loose balls. Kleine might just be the real reason they made the film "White Men Can't Jump."
  6. Brian Scalabrine. He's like an out-of-shape Michael Rapaport. Somehow, though, Scalabrine's doughy physique earned him playing time on the Celtics' 2008 title team.
  7. Danny Ferry. The 6'10" small forward is looked at as one of the worst white NBA players not because of his production but because of his draft position. Ferry was a decent role player with the Cavs in the '80s and '90s, but he was never worthy of the number two pick in the draft.
  8. Travis Knight. Like so many of the worst white NBA players, Knight had a front row seat watching Kobe Bryant win rings for him. At least Knight holds the record for quickest disqualification from an NBA playoff game.
  9. Todd Fuller. Speaking of Bryant, here's a guy who was drafted ahead of him in 1996. Fuller 2.6 points per game in his five-year career.
  10. Jack Haley. One of the most disgraceful white NBA players, Haley was no better than a local bench player you'd find down at the Y. He averaged 3.5 points per game in his eleven-year career, but was part of the 72-10 1995-96 Chicago Bulls championship team.



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