10 Wrestling Moves

Mastering these 10 wrestling moves can help you dominate your opponents during a wrestling match. Many of these wrestling moves are used by Olympic wrestlers and Mixed Martial Arts fighters, as well as in amateur competitions.

  1. Monson Choke. This wrestling move takes place on the ground. Once you’re behind your opponent, you can grip their neck with your forearm, and tuck your elbow under their neck for a very effective choke move.
  2. Passing the Guard. This move is used in Olympic wrestling and in Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. Basically, squat on top of your opponent while on the ground, and grip his wrists firmly against the ground. Once you stand, you’ll be in a full submission move.
  3. Grappling. This wrestling moves involves gripping your opponent while he’s standing and you’re on the ground. Grip his legs with your feet and take out his knee with your hand. This is one variation of this move.
  4. Single Leg Takedown. This wrestling move is used frequently in amateur wrestling competitions. It’s a very simple but effective move. It involves gripping the back of your opponent’s knee and pulling hard to bring him down.
  5. Taking the Back. This is another wrestling move done from the ground. To submit your opponent with this move, grip them around the back from behind. This is accomplished by controlling your opponent’s arm with your hand and knee.
  6. Rotate Double Takedown. For a very effective wrestling move, try the Rotate Double Takedown. While your opponent is standing, drop to one knee and grip around his body. Then, grab behind his knee with one hand and one under his thigh to take him down.
  7. Submission Grappling. This Olympic style wresting move is similar to regular grappling. The difference is it takes place while both fighters are on the ground. As your opponent comes on top of you, control his body by lifting one knee and grabbing behind his knee.
  8. Funk Defense. This wrestling move is highly effective. Grip under your opponent’s knee while he’s standing, and slam him down. Bring your knee down on his chest for an even more effective wrestling move.
  9. Standing Arm Bar. Start this wrestling move from the standing position. Grip your opponent’s arm from the top, rather than underneath, and control him by gripping his chest. Bring your opponent to the ground and cross your leg over the arm you’re holding. The pressure on the elbow makes this move effective.
  10. Bicep Crusher. For this move, you and your opponent will both need to be on the ground. It’s used in Olympic wrestling and in MMA. While on the ground, wrap your legs around your opponent’s arm and pull on it to “crush” his bicep.
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