10 Wrestling Pin Moves

These 10 wrestling pin moves are the methods used in both professional and amateur wrestling to secure the victory. Unlike power moves or submission holds, these moves are simply ways to put the opponent’s shoulders to the mat, while securing their body to make sure they can’t easily kick out of the pin attempt.

  1. Cradle – This is one of the more basic wrestling pin moves, used in both professional and amateur wrestling. To execute the move, the attacker positions himself behind his opponent. The attacker then reaches between his opponent’s legs, hooks the waist and then pulls them down with their shoulders to the mat.
  2. Small Package – The small package is a variation of the cradle maneuver. In this move, the attacker faces the opponent and places them in a front face lock. The attacker then grabs an arm and uses his leg to hook his opponent’s leg before pulling him down, pinning his shoulders to the mat.
  3. Sunset Flip – This wrestling pin move takes a lot of athleticism on the part of the attacker. From the front, the attacker leaps over the opponent and, on their way down, rolls over the back, wraps his arms around his opponent’s waist, and drops into a sitting position. This allows them to pull the opponent down, shoulders to the mat.
  4. Back Slide – In this wrestling pin move, the attacker begins back-to-back with the opponent. The attacker hooks both arms of his opponent and then drops to his knees, leaning forward. This causes the opponent to slide forward on the attackers back and drop onto their shoulders.
  5. Crucifix – This move needs to be set up with the victim sitting on the mat with the attacker behind them. The attacker lies down, hooks one of his opponents arm with his arm and then uses his legs to hook the other arm. The attacker then rolls over, pinning his opponent.
  6. Oklahoma Roll – This wrestling pin move needs to take place when the opponent is on their hands and knees. The attacker stands on the side of the victim, hooks one arm around the opponent’s neck and the other arm through their legs. The attacker then leaps over the victim, rolling him up for the pin.
  7. Roll Up – The attacker starts off behind the opponent and pushes them into the ropes. When the opponent bounces back, the attacker wraps his arms around the victim’s waist and then flips them onto their shoulders for this wrestling pin move.
  8. Victory Roll – For this wrestling pin move, the attacker needs to be athletic enough to leap onto the victim’s shoulders. The attacker jumps on his opponent’s shoulders, facing the same direction and the rolls through, hooking the victim’s shoulder with their legs to secure the pin.
  9. Inverted Indian Deathlock – With the opponent on the mat, on their stomach, the attacker crosses an ankle into the opponent’s knee. The attacker then applies pressure to the victim’s knee before grabbing the arms and flipping them onto their backs, shoulders to the mat.
  10. Fisherman’s Suplex – This wrestling pin move is a cross between a suplex and a cradle. The attacker applies a front face lock and then flips the opponent up in a suplex. The attacker hooks one of the legs before dropping them onto their back, leaving them hooked for a pinfall in the process.
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