10 Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Check out these ten wrist tattoo ideas. For the tattoo lover, there is almost no place a tattoo doesn't really belong. It's just a matter of where to place the next tattoo and what design to get next. So why not the wrist?

  1. Tattoo ideas with a Celtic touch. Take a look at Celtic designs for a wrist tattoo. Look at what fits your taste. They have kind of a boho or hippie feel to them.
  2. The power of fire. Have some flames drawn as a wrist tattoo. Look at some different flame designs or design your own flame tattoo.
  3. Meaningful Chinese symbol. Chinese symbols are a cool wrist tattoo to get. Have a message written on your wrist, or not. It's your choice.
  4. Shamrocks for good luck. Even if you are not Irish, shamrocks on your wrist for good luck or just for a fun look is a good wrist tattoo.
  5. Script writing. Get a saying or poem written on your wrist. But getting it in writing that makes you feel masculine.
  6. A woven design. This design would look almost like a lattice design, but not quite. And it has a masculine touch to it when you use bolder stronger lines.
  7. Get a shooting star. This would be a cool wrist tattoo on a guy or girl, kind of unisex.
  8. Alaskan snow dog. Somehow there is a symbol of a strong, independent male associated with an Alaskan snow dog as a wrist tattoo. And yet they seem sweet at the same time.
  9. Tribal symbols. These also have a male look as a wrist tattoo. It's just a matter of picking the right one for you.
  10. History buff. If you are a history buff, what a great wrist tattoo idea to get. Your favorite person in history. George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? The sky is the limit with historical figures.
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