10 WWE Worst Finishers

While some finishing moves can bring crowds to their feet, here are the ten worst WWE finishing moves that are more likely to put crowds to sleep. Some are predictable, some are ineffective, and some are downright embarrassing.

  1. Jake Robert’s DDT – Why not start the list of WWE’s worst finishers off with a classic? This move was literally invented when Jake accidentally fell down during a match. Now that’s epic.
  2. Big Show’s Knockout Punch– Next on the list of worst WWE finishers is a move that isn’t really a finisher at all.  No one doubts that Big Show can hit hard, but is this the most creative thing this guy could come up with?  A punch?  Please.
  3. The Rock’s People’s Elbow– Skip down to number nine for a fitting explanation.
  4. Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb– There are certain moves that you just have to assume were designed for the purpose of getting laid after the show.  When Jeff does his finger point on top of turnbuckle, the incessant screams of lustful women are enough to deafen most men.  In the end, it's one of the least acrobatic top rope moves in the business.
  5. Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver– It’s all about accuracy.  Look, Taker, I know you’re dead and all…but do you think you could actually make the guy’s head hit the ground every now and then?
  6. Rey Mysterio’s 619– Sure, this one makes the kiddies cheer, but have you ever thought about how easy it is to defend against?  As soon as Rey meets an opponent who is smart enough to not fall down and strangle themselves with the ropes, everybody’s favorite luchador won’t stand a chance.
  7. Kane’s Chokeslam– This is another one that you can’t deny the impact of, but it just isn’t original.  When Andre the Giant was throwing chokeslams, it made headlines.  Now, it’s old news…and one of WWE’s worst finishers.
  8. Hulk Hogan’s Leg Drop– When it comes to the worst finishers, this is an oldie but a goody.  Every wrestler who has ever stepped foot in the ring knows how to do a leg drop.  Hogan’s isn’t particularly powerful, agile, or exciting.  It’s just a leg drop.  Let’s move on, people.
  9. John Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle– Cena has undoubtedly taken the wrestling world by storm, but this finisher makes him look like more of a chump than a champ. Complete with a trite catchphrase, unnecessary jogging, and silly dance moves, the Five Knuckle Shuffle is undoubtedly one of WWE’s worst finishers.
  10. JBL’s Clothesline from Hell– Using the phrase “Clothesline from Hell” is like saying “Bad Beer” or “My hot sister.”  Some words just don’t belong together.  A clothesline is a clothesline.  Let’s not pretend it’s that kind of thing that’s going to kill someone.
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