10 WWE Worst Moments

These are 10 WWE worst moments. Every now and then, the WWE does something that just leaves every one of their fans just shaking their head. Sure, they know it is fake, but they do not have to be reminded of how fake it is with lame story plots and physical feats not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could pull off. Here are the ten worst WWE moments in the history of the program:

  1. John Cena's Debut- John Cena has become one of the WWE's most marketable wrestlers, but what a bad debut he had. Before he was the hard core overly muscled bad ass, he was the not so pumped up white boy who apparently thought he was pretty gangster. Well he was not and his debut is easily one of the worst moments.
  2. Kane And Lita Love Affair- Kane and Lita were going to have a baby together? Who thought of that dump plot? Better yet, Lita wanted to get rid of it, but only by miscarriage? This horrible moment in the WWE did not even make sense.
  3. Eugene- Are we seriously supposed to believe that a mentally challenged man can just come in and win matches versus wrestlers in far superior shape? This was an epic fail on the WWE.
  4. Rikishi– Every time this man stepped into the ring was a joke. This is supposed to be a real man's show. Nothing but hot girls and men beating the crap out of each other…oh yea, and a fat oily man in a thong.
  5. Mr McMahon Death- How pathetic to fake your own death on your own television show, just to see if the fans will miss you. If that is not desperate, then what is?
  6. Triple H vs. Stephanie McMahon- In real life they are lovers, but in the show they are enemies? How in the world is that believable? No doubt, one of the worst idea's by the WWE.
  7. Undertaker Coming to Life- So Undertaker died in a coffin match, then he comes back to life. It just so happens that this occurred during a WWE show. Is this wrestling or a soap opera?
  8. Gay Wrestlers- This theme has been so abused and overridden by the WWE that is just way too overplayed. We get it, straight guys beating up gay guys equal ratings, but don't introduce a brand new gay wrestler in the WWE every month!
  9. Chris Jericho Is For The USA- Does Vince McMahon even know he's not American? How is the WWE going to work the angle of a Canadian being an all American wrestler? Leave the USA plot to Kurt Angle, Vince.
  10. Chavo And Eddie- We lie, we cheat, we steal? Oh yea, and they ride into the ring in a low rider with hydraulics? The WWE sure isn't doing much about stopping stereotypes.
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