10 Young Entrepreneurs For Leadership And Change

If you want to be a young entrepreneur, learn about 10 young entrepreneurs for leadership and change. Learn about the different successes of these young entrepreneurs for leadership and change. All of the following entrepreneurs for leadership and change are under 40 years old.

  1. Sergey Brin. Sergey Brin is a young entrepreneur for leadership and change born in 1973. Brim is a Google Co-founder and President of Technology at Google. Google was founded in 1998 when Brin was just  25 years old. Brin continues to be a young entrepreneur for leadership and change by publishing research papers on new methods for data mining and search engines. Brin was also named a fellow in the National Academy of Engineering.
  2. Larry Page. Larry Page is a Google Co-founder and president of Products at Google. Page met Brin at Stanford University while they were pursuing post-graduate computer science degrees. Like Brim, page has received leadership awards including the World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2002. Page is a young entrepreneur for change who was born in 1973.
  3. Aditya Mittal. Mittal was born in 1974. This entrepreneur for leadership is the CFO of Arcelar Mittal. Arcelar Mittal a steel firm owned by Mittal's father, Lakshimi Mittal. Aditya Mittal is a young leader who is responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions in the company and donates a significant portion of his earnings to charitable organizations. Specifically, Mittal made the largest donation to the Great Ormond Street hospital in history.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg. This young entrepreneur for change was born in 1984. Zuckerberg attended Harvard University and founded facebook along with some of his Harvard classmates. Facebook has changed the medium of social networking. Facebook began as a social networking site for college students and later included memberships for everyone. In 2010, Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire.
  5. Milano Harden. Harden is a businessperson and entrepreneur for leadership. Harden is president and CEO of the Genius Group. The Genius Group supports non-profits grounded in social change. Harden received an award for Black Foundation Executives’ Connecting Leaders Fellowship in 2005.
  6. Biz Stone. Stone is a young entrepreneur for change who was born in 1974. Stone is a co-founder of Twitter, a social networking media outlet which allows you to choose other businesses or individuals to "follow" and receive constant updates about their status. Stone only has a high school diploma.
  7. Evan Williams. Williams is a young entrepreneur for change as a co-founder of twitter. Twitter is such a critical source of updates and news for young people that during the 2008 presidential elections, Williams and Stone were asked to hold off on releasing updates until the election was over. Williams was born in 1972.
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio. This actor uses his wealth to be an entrepreneur for leadership and change. DiCaprio donated 1 million dollars to Haiti relief efforts in 2009. DiCaprio also received the Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award for his research and contributions to the sustainable energy movement. Leonardo DiCaprio has made environmentally educational movies, Global Warming and Water Planet, which he provides free of charge on his foundation's Website.
  9. Melissa Monette. Monette is one of the youngest young entrepreneurs for leadership and change. Monette is the president of kids helping kids; an organization dedicated to research and education for those with diabetes. Monette also runs a non-profit organization called Harvest For Many, INC. which collects and distributes food to low income individuals.
  10. laina Podmorow. Podmorow is a young leader for change born in 1999. Podmorow is the founder and president of little women helping little women in Afghanistan. Podmorow raises money for the education of women in Afghanistan. Podmorow also speaks in various schools to educate young people on issues in the Middle East and how they can get involved.
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