12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

The 12 days of Christmas gifts must be brought up to the 2.0 generation. Nobody wants partridges in pear trees. There are probably zoning restrictions these days anyway. Leaping lords are always nice to  have in a pinch. These twelve days of Christmas gifts, whether for yourself, or a loved one, are a great way to stretch out the fun of the holiday season. They don't have to be expensive.

  1. Personalized music. This first gift of the twelve days of Christmas gifts is about personalization. It's what makes the difference between a regularly played selection and one that gathers dust. Express yourself, but keep their tastes in mind, too.
  2. Tattoo. You know it's been on your "one of these days list" forever. Time to get off the fence and go for it. Research a tattoo artist. Get references. If you're worried about what it'll look like when you're 80 years old, who cares? You'll be 80. Maybe you'll be able to show the grandkids your bellydancing tattoo. They love that.
  3. Massage. Very few people take the time to treat themselves to this bit of decadence. A good deep tissue massage is a great gift for anyone. This one of the twelve days of Christmas gifts can be a simple one hour in and out deal, or you can do it up, preferably with mimosas and brunch after the treatment.
  4. Confection. This one of the twelve days of Christmas gifts can be anything from chocolate to baklava. The point is an edible treat, something that has no nutritional value whatsoever. The health regimen can wait until after New Year's.
  5. Video games. All the good games seem to come out right in time for the holidays. This has the potential to be a grand adventure for either yourself or a special friend. Get it early because they might beat you to it.
  6. Hook up gadgets. This one of the twelve days of Christmas gifts is all about giving your time and energy. There are lots of gadgets, but getting them all working in a streamlined fashion is something else altogether. Hook up their Wi-Fi, or get their streaming videos to work without buffering. If it's for yourself, then find a tech geek to help you, but get it done already.
  7. Sculpture. This one of the twelve days of Christmas gifts is quite unique and affordable. There are tons of concrete replicas for your interest. It can be angels, west African war masks, or a life size replica of the Chinese terracotta warriors. Life size, or paperweight, it's a wonderful and classy accent to any space.
  8. Spirits. It's the holidays, and it wouldn't be the same without at least one person tottering over into the Christmas tree. Yes, Grandma got snookered, but she always got snookered on the good stuff. She was a lady. So, think top shelf. The finest bottle you can find of wine, whiskey, rum, or tequila.
  9. Artsy night out. When's the last time you went to the opera? A play? A musical? It doesn't have to be Broadway, but get out there indulge yourself or your friend to something out of the ordinary.
  10. Toys. This is the twelve days of Christmas gifts for your "true love." Get them something naughty from the naughty bits store. If it's for yourself, even better.
  11. Classic movies. Get whatever they're into that just doesn't show up regularly anymore, whether it's Katharine Hepburn, or some old, great kung fu movies.
  12. Accessories. Accessorize their lifestyle. If they're a smoker, get them a Zippo, new humidor or cigar clippers. Also look at the jersey of their favorite team. Or, perhaps gardening tools or that great golfing club or pool stick would work best for them.
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