1950 Fashion Trends

While 1950 fashion trends are trends that you may call "retro", they have become, in fact, more than just fashion trends and have influenced the style of many well after the decade in which they were made fashionable.  1950s fashion trends are timeless and classic looks that a number of people still look and try to emulate. Fashion trends that started in the 1950s also formed a basis for fashions that emerged decades later.

  1. Gray Flannel Suit. Also called the "businessman's look," the gray flannel suit takes the number one spot because it was so common for men's fashions in the 1950s that every man you saw on a 1950s TV show or movie had this type of attire. As far as fashion trends go, this look, consisting of your basic office suit, was brought on by the paranoia many felt because of the Cold War and a desire for conservativism.
  2. Polo Shirt.  The polo shirt–which remained trendy long after the decade–was actually popularized during the 1950s as part of the leisure style of clothing back then. A timeless and classic look that had been around decades before the 1950s, the polo shirt, which became trendy in the 1950s, could be worn for golf or just for a pleasure stroll around town for leisure. However, back then, when men wore the polo shirt, they most often paired it with a plaid sports jacket, especially when just going around town.
  3. Cardigan Sweater. The cardigan sweater–your grandpa is probably very fond of this article of clothing–was part of the young man's look back in the 1950s. Young men would wear suit jackets to school (high school or college); but if they didn't wear that, then they'd wear a cardigan sweater to achieve their "Ivy League," preppy look.
  4. Hats. In the 1950s, hats were not only a fashion accessory, they were also a way of distinguishing and highlighting social distinctions. Popular hats of the era included porkpies, derbies, fedoras and homburgs. For instance, the fedora was one of the most stylish hats men back then could wear; they are identified by their pinch on both sides.
  5. Cufflinks. Cufflinks may be annoying to wear, but back in the 1950s, they sure were all the rage and very popular with guys. An integral part of daily wear, cufflinks had to be worn with just the right types of shirts. Men from the 1950s had to know that shirts like the french cuff dress shirt were some of the only types of shirts to accommodate the cufflinks.
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