1950′s Men’s Fashion Tips

Whether you’re dressing up for a theme party or just trying to channel a past time period, these 1950s men’s fashion tips will help you achieve an authentic look. The 1950s had a few very popular, iconic looks so read on to pick out which fashion style best fits you.

  1. The 1950s were conservative times. Men’s fashion in the 1950s didn’t feature a lot of loud patterns or a huge assortment of fabrics. The 1950s was a conservative period in general, but especially when it came to male clothing styles. Men usually only wore cotton or wool fabrics and stuck with only a few solid colors that they rotated into their wardrobe.
  2. Stick with a classic gray or dark blue suit. If you want to dress up like a dapper 1950s businessman, try not to wear the more contemporary black suit. Gray and dark blues were a bit more popular back then. Ties were also thin rather than thick and usually came in a solid color that matched the suit. Add some cufflinks to the ensemble for a truly classic 1950s men's fashion look.
  3. Dress down with 1950s style. For a 1950s barbeque or beach day, a good men's fashion tip is to ditch the suit and go for some plaid or khaki shorts and a button down Hawaiian shirt. If it’s a cold day, wear a basic shirt with a cardigan over it and some white or khaki pants. 
  4. Play the rebel. If you’re going for a younger 1950s men's fashion look, wear jeans paired with a plain white shirt and a black leather jacket or red nylon jacket. Make sure to cuff your jeans and wear some converse shoes or black boots to complement them.
  5. Accessorize with 1950s flair. A man usually wouldn’t leave the house without a hat in the 1950s unless he was dressing like a James Dean-type rebel. And don’t forget the most important 1950s fashion accessory: a drink. For an authentic 1950s drink, treat yourself to a dry martini or a scotch on the rocks. You'll feel like a true 1950s man.



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