1980 Winter Olympics Hockey Team Profiles

Curious about 1980 Winter Olympic hockey team profiles? The 1980 Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament was one of the most memorable sporting events of the 20th Century.  Team USA defeated the ever-powerful team from the Soviet Union for a shot at the gold medal in what became known as the "Miracle on Ice."  In addition to the US and the USSR, Sweden and Finland were also in a battle for medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Team USA was an upstart team of twenty collegiate players who were ranked seventh going into the tournament. The regional boundaries of the team—many represented rival colleges like the University of Minnesota and Boston University—could have led to disunity and a poor showing, but coach Herb Brooks and his strategic motivation brought the team together beyond all expectations in the 1980 Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament, winning the gold medal. Several players went on to successful National Hockey League careers, including Mike Ramsey, Neal Broten, Ken Morrow, Dave Christian and Mark Johnson.

The team from the Soviet Union, as close to a "professional" team as could compete at the time, was the odds-on favorite for the gold medal in the 1980 Olympic ice hockey tournament. The "Red Machine," most of whom had played together for years, had won every Olympic hockey tournament since 1960—the last time the US won gold. Veterans Vladislav Tretiak, Viacheslav Fetisov and Boris Mikhailov teamed with newcomers like Sergei Makarov for a powerful lineup that would eventually take home a silver medal—a failure by Soviet standards at the time.

Team Sweden took home the bronze medal in the 1980 Olympic ice hockey tournament—on par with their initial ranking of third going into the tournament. Players like Bo Berglund, Tomas Jonsson and Future NHL All-Star Mats Naslund made up the core of the team.

Finland was the fourth team involved in the round-robin-style 1980 Winter Olympic ice hockey medal round, and thus the first team out of the medals. Ranked sixth going into the tournament, Team Finland lost their final game in the tournament to the US, but did not medal due to the round-robin points structure.


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