2000 Ford Focus Stalling Tips

If your Ford Focus has a problem staying running, you may be interested to learn these 2000 Ford Focus stalling tips. These tips range from easy to intermediate as far as knowledge of the mechanical field. Today's vehicles are much more technologically-oriented, and the Ford Focus is no different. Many cars need specialty machines to even test for something as simple as stalling.

  1. Change the plugs and wires. A 2000 Ford Focus stalling problem could be due to bad spark plugs or wires. Although a misfire is more likely than a stalling problem, old plugs and wires are a good first place to check.
  2. Check the fuel lines. Stalling issues can be due to a lack of or a gap in the fuel flow to the engine. This can be caused by a clogged fuel filter or a broken fuel line.
  3. Check the alternator and battery. When an alternator or battery begins to wear out it can throw a monkey wrench into your 2000 Ford Focus' electrical system. Generally, lights will begin to dim, the vehicle will become harder to start or it will have problems staying running, eventually stalling.
  4. Check the idle air control valve. The idle air control (IAC) valve could be causing your 2000 Ford Focus' stalling issues. A dirty or worn idle air control valve will cause your vehicle to idle erratically or stall.
  5. Check the air filter. Typically the air filter alone isn't going to cause your vehicle to stall. However, the air filter and a combination of other simple maintenance issues will cause your car not to run properly and stall.
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