2000 Summer Olympics Highlights

The 2000 Summer Olympics highlights were momentous occasions in athletic history. It was also known as the Millennium Games and was celebrated in Sydney, Australia. The Summer Olympics was held between September 16 and October 1.

  1. First Medal: The first medal of the 2000 Summer Olympics games was won by the United States. Nancy Johnson was awarded the gold for the women's 10 meter air rifle competition. This was truly a significant highlight for the 2000 Summer Olympics games.
  2. Afghanistan: The only participant from the 1996 Olympic games that did not participate in 2000 was Afghanistan. The country was banned due to extremist policies oppressing women and prohibiting sports. Such a ban is not uncommon for the Olympics, as South Africa was banned for years as a result of its apartheid policy.
  3. Medal Winners: The United States received the most medals of all countries. It was awarded an astounding 38 gold medals. The country was awarded a total of 92 awards.
  4. The United States: Two of the United States' gold medals were relinquished in 2007. Gold medalist Marion Jones confessed to taking tetrahydrogestrinone from September 2000 to July 2001. As a result, Marion Jones and her teammates were stripped of five of their Olympic medals: three gold medals and two bronze medals.
  5. Last event: The men's marathon was the last marathon in the Sydney Summer Olympics. Ethiopian Genzhnge Abera won the even, taking the gold medal, and Ethiopia also received the bronze medal for the event. The closing ceremony commenced with Christine Anu singing a rendition of "Island Home." The final moments made the 2000 Summer Olympics memorable.
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