2009 Budget Style Trends

There are several 2009 budget style trends that every person should have in their closet.  Knowing the hottest styles and being able to find deals on similar items is one of the thrills of shopping.  Looking fabulous for less will make you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.  

  1. The little black dress. The little black dress is a staple every year and it falls into one of the budget style trends. Little black dresses can be found in almost every store. Having a simple, but elegant black dress is versatile and can be worn out for drinks with the girls or to a coworker's evening wedding. Being able to wear a piece more then once helps get you your money's worth out of the clothing item. 
  2. Neutral tone long sleeved T-shirt. A neutral toned long sleeved T-shirt is a must have for the 2009 budget style trend list. This piece can be worn with jeans to a casual event or with dress pants to the office and look dressy and appropriate. Putting a sweater over the T-shirt will change the look. It's a versatile piece that can be found relatively cheaply.  
  3. Bright colored V neck sweater. A bright colored V neck sweater can be worn day or night, to work or to a late dinner. The V neck sweater makes the list of budget style trends because it can be found cheaply, worn several different ways and never goes out of style. 
  4. Ugg style boots. Ugg style boots are all the rage this year. Generic brands have become increasingly popular and can be found very reasonably priced. Ugg style boots are part of the budget style trends list and can be worn day or night in a variety of different ways. They can change an outfit dramatically and come in a multitude of colors. 
  5. Thin scarves. Thin scarves find their way onto the 2009 budget style list as they are gaining in popularity, are not pricey to purchase and can really jazz up an outfit. 
  6. Peacoat. Peacoats really took a giant popularity leap in 2009, adding them to the budget style trends list. After Edward Cullen made wearing a peacoat look cool, men and women have been grabbing them off the shelves. Since they are a tad more expensive, buying a neutral color peacoat will expand the outfits it can be worn with. Black, tan, grey and white go with almost any outfit. Purchasing a brighter color peacoat while make a bold statement. 

Many trends, including those listed above can be found discounted at thrift stores and second hand stores such as T.J. Maxx.  Check out resale shops for discounted clothes that others no longer want.  Shopping around will help save money on the latest style trends!





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