2010 Camaro Accessories

There are a lot of aftermarket 2010 Camaro accessories. There are hundreds of accessories you can choose from to enhance the look of your Camaro. Here are just a few examples of some of the accessories that are available for your Camaro.

  1. Exterior For the exterior of your Camaro, you should begin with billet grills where you cover the factory plastic grill with a chrome billet grill. Next, focus on body kits for your Camaro. The body kit is used to make the car look lower and makes it look more aggressive.
  2. Wheels You can have the stock wheels painted or get new ones in chrome. A few other Camaro accessory options are vinyl kits, racing stripes or hood stripes and chrome trim.
  3. Exhaust Exhaust tips make the rear end look more aggressive. You can tint the taillights, side marker lights and the windows. You can also choose a few different accessories from the factory, like wheels, body kits and stripes.
  4. Interior Camaro accessories for the inside of your car are just as important as the exterior. You can choose between polished aluminum door kick panels, chrome A/C vent trim to brighten up the interior and aluminum door sills to have something nice to look at getting in or out of the car. The pedals and chrome trim/covers also help brighten up the interior. Or add a painted steering wheel or floor mats. Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time inside your Camaro, you’ll want to have it look as nice as possible.
  5. Engine Bay The engine bay of your Camaro should look just as nice and the interior and exterior. You can get colored engine covers from the factory to match the color of your car, fuse box, battery post, brake fluid reservoir and radiator covers. You can also get them painted to match the car to give the engine bay color and brighten it up.
  6. Cold Air Intake A cold air intake would also help get rid of the big plastic air box with a nicer open air filter, which will give you more power.
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