2010 Fashion Trends

These 2010 fashion trends encompass the styles, colors and detailing of men’s clothing and accessories for every season. From everyday essentials such as jeans and shirts to cherry-on-top detailing such as hats and even scarves, this list runs the gamut of fashion trends to equip you the best information possible to help you look your best.

  1. Military-inspired looks. This was especially popular in the Fall/Autumn collections in men’s fashion, especially greatcoats in army greens and navy blues and vintage-styled buttons reminiscent 40’s military styles. Aviator boots with shearling are also a popular military trend among fashionable men in 2010.
  2. Knitwear. Men’s oversized knitwear in both neutral darks (browns, grays, olives) as well as muted jewels (royal purples and greens) were popular in the Fall/Winter Collections of many designers. They are popularly worn with distressed jeans.
  3. Inside-out garments. Exposed inseams has become a new trend in 2010, especially for the Spring. This trend has popped up in jackets and casual shirts as well as bags, giving the clothing an edgy look.
  4. Leather. Not just jackets—but pants, trousers, bags and more in sleeker, more variations and not so much of a biker style. Brown and cognac and less black is all the rage especially for the Spring and Fall collection.
  5. Scoop neck tees. A comfortable favorite offers brawny men opportunities to further flaunt their chests and is a favorite for the summer of 2010. Scoop neck tees, like many in any guy’s collection, is an essential basic that can be combined in manifold ways with other wardrobe pieces.
  6. Shawl lapel in suits. This elegant type of lapel is one, continuous kind without peaks or notches. They are meant to embellish dinner suits, sports coats and jackets and especially for evening wear.
  7. Natural fiber suits. Cotton suits were all the rage for men in the summer of 2010 and a lighter alternative to wool. As opposed to solely a county-club style, the 2010 natural fiber suits were tailored to office wear as well.
  8. Men’s brooches. Radiating an aura of dapper taste and refinement, brooches for men were especially hot for Autumn collections. Meant to be worn on jackets and coats, cool and gold hues of broaches were all over the runway for Fall 2010
  9. Velvet. This luxurious fabric can be worn fashionably on lapels or take on making of entire sports coats. Popular velvet items among 2010 include other statement items such as suits, jackets and look best in dark jewel tones.
  10. Sack suits. Tweed is all the rage for this unshaped make of suit and in dark, neutral colors. This more retro, relaxed style of suit has made a revival on the Fall catwalks of major designers.



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