.22 Pistols

.22 pistols are some of the most fun and economical guns to shoot. With a .22 pistol you can teach the next generation to aim and shoot, refine your own ability as a shooter, go plinking tin cans for fun, hunt small game (check your state regulations), and even enter bullseye or USPSA practical shooting competitions. We have the list of .22 pistols you'll need to know to be able to choose the best .22 pistol for weekends of fun and sport.

  1. Ruger Mark III Ruger is known for making one of the best all around plinking and target .22 pistols ever. With style drawn from the classic Luger 9mm, the Ruger Mark III fits the hand nicely, aims well, and is built to last. Choose styles from those with a four-inch barrel to ones with a six-inch bull or fluted barrel for target practice, bullseye competition or small game hunting.
  2. Browning Buckmark These versatile .22 pistols can go with you every time you go into the woods or to the target range. With over twenty models to choose from you'll be able to find one that fits your expectations.
  3. Smith and Wesson Model 22A This line of .22 pistols compete nicely with the Rugers and Brownings of the world. With alloy metals, these pistols are light and easy to shoot.
  4. Smith and Wesson Model 41 The model 41 is the premium line of target .22 pistols from Smith and Wesson. They even have a custom shop version of the model 41 which goes above and beyond this already excellent pistol. You get what you pay for, however, and this gun is more expensive than many you'll find on the market.
  5. Smith and Wesson or Taurus .22 revolver Smith and Wesson continues to produce their excellent line of .22 revolvers. For many years Taurus has recreated, at a fairly high quality, the excellent Smith  and Wesson revolvers. The differences can be felt in the trigger work on the latter. Both are fun to shoot, and Taurus has brought up quality over the years, so test out the trigger pull and decide for yourself.
  6. Walther P22 Walther makes a line of .22 pistols that match the shape and feel of their 9mm, .40 and .357 sig pistols. If you carry a firearm for defense, practicing with their model P22 can be an economical way to train.
  7. Beretta 21 Bobcat The Bobcat is a compact pistol that fits nicely in the hand and is designed for personal defense. The benefit of these pistols is that they can be carried easily in almost any pocket. The downside is that .22 pistols are regarded as "mouse guns" in terms of personal defense. Be sure to acquire the appropriate permit and know the laws in any state you plan to carry a firearm in for personal defense.

These .22 pistols are more than enough to get you started with some great weekends of pistol shooting. Whether you are a competitor or just enjoy shooting tin cans, .22 pistols can be a great way to have fun.

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