24′ Drinking Game Rules

The TV show "24" can give you quite a buzz if you learn these "24" drinking game rules. Jack and his comrades know how to party, and the show gives you many opportunities to sip your favorite mixed drink, wine or beer. It is not advised to play this game with shots, but if you must, take the next day off from work.

If you want to play the "24" drinking game, you will need:

  • An episode of the TV show "24" (or more episodes if you want to have a really good time)
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • A group of friends (optional, but preferred)
  1. Some events in the "24" drinking game will involve taking just one sip. Take a sip every time Jack kills someone, every time something unfortunate happens to Kim, every time the screen splits and ever time someone in the show gives a summary of what has been happening in the last couple of hours. Also take a sip if Palmer gives a morality speech, if a CTU employee looks suspiciously at another CTU employee or if Jack goes against orders. It is advised that everyone toast with a click of glasses for this last one.
  2. Drink two sips while playing the "24" drinking game if one of the following occurs. If someone other than Jack kills someone, take two sips. Also take two sips if you catch a continuity problem, if an object of importance turns out to be nothing but a decoy, if someone is shown to be a traitor or if a main character dies.
  3. Drink three sips while playing the "24" drinking game if a character from an older season makes an appearance. Also take three sips if CTU goes into a lockdown.
  4. Down the rest of your drink while playing the "24" drinking game if the main bad guy isn't the person you thought it was. Down your drink as well if the last minute of the episode isn't a cliffhanger.

If you want to blitz your brains out, you can play the "24" drinking game with shots instead of mixed drinks, wine or beer. Beware when playing the "24" drinking game this way, and whatever you do, keep your doors locked and don't watch the clock.

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