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With the filming of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” wrapping up, we thought we’d help Hollywood casting directors by finding three actresses that look like Megan Fox. Megan is one of the biggest searches on the internet and the star of many a man’s dreams. Although she has some of the most exotic and compelling features and curves, there are some other actresses out there that will bring out that tingle like Megan does. Let’s look at those Three Actresses Who Look Like Megan Fox.


Portia de Rossi.jpg

1. Portia de Rossi. Ok stay with us on this one because it may be hard for you to grasp. Although Portia is blonde, or blond-ish, drop a dark mop on that pretty little head and you could have Megan’s sister. The "Arrested Development" star was closer to Megan Fox in her younger, pre weird surgery days, but if you have a look at the eye-brows, eye shape, and seductive smile you’ll see what we mean.



2. Angelina Jolie. It’s more appropriate to say Megan looks like Angelina, as Jolie is a good bit older and far, far more accomplished, but they do resemble one another a great deal. Earlier on in Megan’s career she was often compared to Jolie as both actresses are athletic and have performed well in action roles. Not uncommon to either actress, they've both been top box office draws and have that pouty, seductive allure. Does Angelina Jolie look like Megan Fox? Definitely.


NitashaBhambreeHS 1 web.jpg

3. Nitasha BhambreeOk, we threw a curve ball here. Have you heard of Nitasha? You’ve definitely seen that Megan Fox body in a couple of films like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Catch Me If You Can” and the soon to be released “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Nitasha Bhambree is a professional body and stunt double. Although her facial features are different from Megan, she’s still a knock-out and a dead ringer for Megan Fox from behind. She looks so much like her that she is cast as Megan's double in "TMNT."


There are surely more actresses that resemble Megan Fox or share similar features, but these look-alikes for Megan Fox are the most varied, and perhaps ones that you didn't think of. Enjoy the list and comment with picks of your own.

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