3 Best Cushioned Running Shoes

New styles of cushioned running shoes are coming onto the training scene all the time and these 3 best cushioned running shoes are the cream of the crop.  Running in a shoe with more cushioning, if needed, will make for a more pleasant and efficient jog without compromising the health of a runner's best assets, their feet.  It is good to pay attention to your gait when you run.  High arched feet take the brunt of the impact on the inside and it can be felt while running.  If you look at the soles of your well-used running shoes, and you see that most of the wear is on the inner sides of your shoes, these styles are a good fit for you.

  1. "Mizuno Wave Rider 13"  This shoe has some adaptations that runners have grown to love.  The tongue has more foam than past models which wraps the foot snugly.  The independent lacing feature allows for a customizable fit.  There are comforting updates on the upper construction, as well, making this shoe really comfortable.  The men's version weighs in at a mere 10.5 oz, making it one of the lightest on the market. 
  2. "Asics Gel Nimbus 11"  This is the latest installation in the Asics Nimbus models.  The shoe is known for its superior cushioning.  It has proven to have one of the greatest shock absorption technologies available in a running shoe.  Sometimes more highly cushioned running shoes are too unstable to be practical.  This shoe has a three-piece midsole construction, and a well thought out lacing system that addresses this common problem.  The stitches on the heel have been considerably reduced which helps a runner to avoid irritation and blisters in this area.
  3. "Brooks Glycerin 8"  This new shoe from Brooks has "DNA" technology.  The cushioning adapts to each stride of the foot.  The technology sounds unbelievable but the new gel, a highly viscous chemical formulation, is proving to be sound.  It is comfortable but not too soft.  It is a go-to shoe for large athletes who tend to put a lot of wear and tear on their cushioned running shoes.
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