3 Best Earphones For Running

Listen to your favorite beats with these 3 best earphones for running. Earphones are great for indoor and outdoor training. Purchasing the best earphones is important. You need equipment that won't slide off when you step up your pace or sweat too much. The equipment should also be sturdy enough to handle long runs. Here are 3 earphones that are good for the money and sport.

  1. Koss KSC75: These earphones come from a long standing series. The Koss KSC75 is excellent for wearing under all types of headgear. They clip on your ears so you won’t need to fuss with cables. The earpieces put out great sound and you won’t need to worry about static or inconsistency. The best feature is the equipment’s ability to let you hear what’s going on around you. You also get a lifetime warranty from the producers of this product.
  2. Westone 1 Earbuds: These fit well with iPod and MP3 players. The redesigned features make these earphones perfect for running long distance. You get a clear sound with every use. Only the Westone 2 surpasses this model in comfort and reliability. It has two drivers unlike Westone 1, which only has a single driver. Both models are very lightweight and stay on your ears during heavy runs. Westone 1 is cheaper than Westone 2, but both are excellent products.
  3. Sennheiser MX680 Adidas: The Sennheiser MX680 fits in your ears without falling out during your run. No matter what size or shape your ears are, the product is designed for a perfect fit. The sound is outstanding. You won’t get any outside interference or static with this model. They are also built to last, which is a problem with some earphones. The Sennheiser comes with a clip that allows you to attach your cable to your apparel. This product also comes with a host of accessories. You get a cable clip, ear pads, storage pouch and more.

Although most earphones have unique features that let you hear what's going on around you, it's best to run where traffic is low. Avoid areas with cars or other vehicles. You may not hear danger when you need to.

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