3 Best MP3 Players For Running

You like to go for a jog and you need to know which 3 best MP3 players for running are available for you to purchase. Things to keep in mind are waterproof from either your sweat or in case you get caught in rain while you engage in this sport. Should have a flash player so it doesn’t skip songs on you and the MP3 player must be easy to change songs since you’ll be wearing it on your arm. There are many media players out there but these few are among runner’s favorites.

  1. Philips Model PSA232 Active Range. This flash player built rugged holds 512MB of storage space holds about 150-200 songs. This particular 3 best MP3 players for running also dons a talking stop watch for those who like to time sprints during their jog. Comes with a pair of lightweight headphones and LED readout for track information, FM tuner and elastic armband.
  2. Apple iPod Nano 4GB. With this much storage space you can download up to 1000 songs. Whoa! This flash memory player skip-proof and drop resistant and you know you might just drop it will jogging. Ultra slim three best MP3 players for running weighs 1.5 ounces, you won’t even feel it on your arm. You can purchase an armband to go with it.
  3. SanDisk Sansa m200. This small 3 best MP3 players for running comes with storage space as small as 512MG to 4GB. Has a FM tuner along with a voice recorder. It’s compatible with music services so you can choose your song downloads. This small media player has big buttons, which make it easy to navigate through songs while you are running.

Whichever MP3 player you decide to buy make sure it’s lightweight, has the storage space you need to download your favorite recording artist’s music and looks cool.

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