3 Card Poker Rules

If you are looking to spice your gambling life up with a different type of card game, try three card poker. This play is very similar to the regular game of poker, but has different rule variations.

  1. The beginning of the three card poker game is the Ante! You start by placing your ante on the table. This will be the table minimum amount that will basically get you into the three card poker game. Since this is the minimum bet, you want to make sure you have at least twice this amount of money before coming to the three card poker table. 
  2. Place your pair plus bet when you place your ante. A general rule of thumb to remember when doing this is that your pair plus should be about the same as the ante, as your chance of getting a pair or higher is normally about 25 percent!
  3. Pair plus is a way to get money without any interface from the dealer! The way the pair plus works is that you place your bet in it, and if you have a pair or higher, you automatically get a pay out from that, regardless of whether you beat the dealer or not! The pay out is done just like normal, with the higher hands getting a bigger pay out!
  4. You must either put money in the play circle or fold after you have looked at your dealt cards. Keep in mind the old Queen-Six-Four trick that is spoken so much about in three card poker. This trick just basically tells you that, if you don’t have pair or higher, your first card should be a queen or higher, and your second card should be higher than a six. Since the dealer has to have at least a queen to qualify, you need to at least match him, and the card higher than the six has a high chance of being higher than his next card!
  5. The dealer has to have a minimum of a Queen high card to qualify. If he does not, then you get a 1-1 payment for your ante bet that you made at the beginning of the game. If the dealer does have a Queen or higher, then the game continues on! Keep this in mind when you decide whether you are going to make a play because if you don’t have anything higher than a queen, then your chance of losing is especially high.
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