3 Everclear Cocktails That Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

Drinking everclear is generally dangerous business, as it is almost like drinking pure rubbing alcohol. In other words, a very small amount will go a long way, get you wasted, reign terror on your liver and body and possibly cause you to blackout and not remember the vast majority of the night. While that may sound like a standard Thursday in most college dorms, you should always use caution when making drinks with everclear, as over consumption is pretty easy. However, on the plus side, everclear will get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you won't be spending a ton of money at a bar or constantly drinking throughout the night. Below are three everclear cocktails you can mix up with caution and get the drinking part out of the way very early on in the evening.

Coon Dawg Punch. Undoubtedly named by drunk frat boys who were trying to figure out the most cost-efficient way to get 400 plus people drunk for the money they were able to shake out of their couches, Coon Dawg Punch, also known as Trash Can Punch, is an easy everclear drink to make that tastes good and gets everyone lit. For every five bottles of fruit juice, you want to add one full bottle of everclear. Add some ice and chunks of fruit as well, as this is best served cold and with something to chew on. As you will have a lot of liquid to deal with, this mixture is best concocted in a large, clean trash can.

Power Driver. This drink is actually more of a shot to really get the night going. Mix half an ounce of everclear with an ounce of orange juice. Put into a shaker with ice and really mix as well as possible. Then pour the cold mix into a large shot glass and shoot with friends. Stick to lighter drinks for the rest of the night, as this is worth a couple drinks in one quick blast.

Brain Fart. As the name suggests, this everclear cocktail is bad for you in a lot of ways. Fortunately, it tastes relatively good. Take one shot of Bacardi rum, one shot of lemon juice, 4 shots of mountain dew, 4 shots of energy drink, one shot of everclear and one shot of vodka and mix very well. MIx very very well over ice and pour into a large glass or sippy cup, as you will be taking small amounts of this outrageous mixture down throughout the night. Beware the blackout rolling towards you.

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